2018 Public Holidays

On Public Holidays bus and ferry services run to weekend timetables. Check the list of public holidays below to see which weekend timetables will be observed on those days. 

Public holiday Date Timetable services will run to
Waitangi Day​ Tuesday 6th February 2018 Saturday timetable
Thursday 29th March 2018
Thursday 29th March 2018 Friday timetable
Good Friday
Friday 30th March 2018 Sunday timetable 
Easter Sunday
Sunday 1st April 2018 Sunday timetable
Easter Monday
Monday 2nd April 2018 Saturday timetable
Wednesday 25th April 2018 Saturday timetable
Queen's Birthday
Monday 4th June 2018 Saturday timetable
Labour Day
Monday 22nd October 2018 Saturday timetable
Thursday 15th November 2018
Thursday 15th November 2018
Friday timetable
Canterbury Anniversary (Show Day)
Friday 16th November 2018
Saturday timetable
Christmas Day
Tuesday 25th December 2018​
Sunday timetable
All services stop at 6pm
Boxing Day
Wednesday 26th December 2018
Saturday timetable
Thursday 27th December – Saturday 29th December 2018
Thursday 27th December – Saturday 29th December 2018
Saturday timetable
 Sunday 30th December 2018 Sunday 30th December 2018 Sunday timetable
New Years Eve Monday 31st December 2018 Saturday timetable
New Years Day 
Tuesday 1st January 2019 Saturday timetable
Wednesday 2nd January 2019​ Wednesday 2nd January 2019 Saturday timetable
Thursday 3rd January 2019 Thursday 3rd January 2019 Normal timetables resume