About Metro

Metro is the public transport service that operates in Greater Christchurch and Timaru.

Environment Canterbury (Canterbury Regional Council) is the lead agency for providing services. We are responsible for planning services, tendering out to independent operators, and providing information such as timetables, telephone services, websites and marketing Metro.

The city and district councils that the buses travel through - Christchurch City, Waimakariri District, Selwyn District and Timaru District Councils - are responsible for providing and maintaining the on-street infrastructure such as bus exchanges, bus stops, bus shelters and bus priority lanes.

In Greater Christchurch Red Bus Ltd, Go Bus Ltd and Black Cat Ltd have been awarded the tenders to supply the vehicles and drivers for the various bus and ferry routes that operate.

In Timaru Ritchies Transport Holdings Limited have been awarded the tender to supply the vehicles and drivers for the bus routes that operate. (They also provide some school services in Christchurch.)

About this website

This is the offical Metro website. We offer a mobile website (m.metroinfo.co.nz) but do not currently provide any mobile applications. If you are using a mobile application and experience problems, please contact the owner/developer of this application directly.

If you are a developer and would like access to our bus data to create an online or mobile application, please contact us.