Bikes on buses

Metro provide a number of routes with bike racks on buses providing you with options to bus to work and bike home, bike and bus in stages or get access to cycle tracks around the city. The bike racks are easy and cost free to use.


Bus services with bike racks on all buses:

Blue Line
Hillmorton – South Shore
Burwood Hospital – New Brighton
Orange Line
Lincoln – Parklands
Russley – Mt Pleasant
Purple Line
Waikuku and Pegasus
Westmorland – Eastgate
Yellow Line
Wigram – The Palms via Riccarton
The Palms – Spencerville
The Orbiter
Styx Mill – Northlands
Lyttelton – Eastgate Link
Bryndwr – Huntsbury
Casebrook – Northlands
Lincoln – Burnham via Rolleston
Papanui – Lyttelton and Rapaki
Burnside – Spreydon
Kaiapoi – Pegasus
Airport – City
Redwood – Westlake
Kaiapoi – Waikuku
Shirley – City
Hei Hei – Avonhead via Riccarton
Diamond Harbour Ferry 

Bike rack instructions​

Please remember loading and unloading your bike from the rack is up to you. Always load or unload your bike from the front of the bike rack.

Loading your bike

  • Remove any loose items from your bike that could fall off while the bus is moving and let the driver know you’re going to load your bike.
  • Squeeze the bike rack handle up to release.
  • Lower rack
  • Lift onto rack with the front wheel facing toward the yellow support arm and fit wheels into the clearly labelled slots.
  • Raise the support arm over the front tyre so the hook rests on the top of the front wheel. The bike is now secure and you can board the bus.
Step 1
Step 1: Lower rack
Step 2
Step 2: Slot bike in place
Step 3
Step 3: Raise support arm
Step 4
Step 4: Board Bus

Unloading your bike

  • Let the driver know you will be unloading your bike when you exit via the front doors.
  • Unhook and lower the support arm from the front tyre and lift your bike from the bike rack.
  • If no one else is using the rack squeeze the handle and fold the bike rack up.

Step 1: Attend to bike

Step 2: Unhook support

Step 3: Fold rack up

Printable brochure

Download a printable brochure on how to use the bike rack.

Bike rack rules

  • If you are travelling on the bus use of the bike rack is free
  • Cyclists are responsible for loading and unloading their bikes
  • The bike rack takes two bikes at a time. If it is full wait for the next bus
  • Bikes cannot be carried inside buses
  • Racks are designed to carry bikes with wheels larger than 16” diameter
  • The maximum insured value of any bike on the rack is $1500.

For more information on cycling in Christchurch visit Season of Cycling.

​​ ​​

Using the Bus Bike Racks at the Bus Interchange

At the new Bus Interchange, cyclists are able to load and unload bikes under cover.

Cyclists have a separate bike door to access the bike racks in front of the bus. 

These instructions outline the steps to load and unload your bike.

Entering the Bus Interchange

  • Bikes can be wheeled through the main doors of the interchange to the bus bays.
  • View the information screens to find which bay your bus will depart from.


Loading your bike at the Bus Interchange

  • Wait with your bike at the bike access door in the bay.
  • After the bus arrives, the central passenger doors will open.
  • Open the bike access door by pressing the black switch to the left of the door.
  • Wheel your bike through the door and load your bike onto the rack
  • Board the bus.
  • The bike access door will automatically close when the driver closes the passenger doors.


Unloading your bike at the Bus Interchange

  • Tell the driver you will be removing your bike from the bike rack.
  • Exit the bus through the passenger doors into the passenger lounge.
  • Go to the bike access door.
  • Open the bike access door by pressing the black switch to the left of the door.
  • Walk to the front of the bus and take your bike off the bike rack.
  • Wheel your bike into the passenger lounge.


Note:  The bike door does not open from the bus side.  You need to open it from the lounge side so that you can exit with your bike.

Please walk your bike through the Bus Interchange to the exits. Bike racks are available for your use directly outside the Bus Interchange on Lichfield St. 

In Stage Two of the Bus Interchange, there will be an undercover lock –up area for bikes. ​