Cando Card

Cando Card 

A Cando card is an ID card that some high schools in Canterbury use, they are also Metrocards. They work exactly like a Metrocard and are issued by high schools at the beginning of each year. If you're under 18 you will be charged a child fare using a Cando card on the bus, if you turn 18 during the school year the card will automatically change to an adult card. 

To see if your school uses Cando cards please contact your school reception. If your school does not have Cando cards and you would like to purchase one please visit​. Find out more important information about it below.

More about the Cando Card

Discounts for travel

A Cando card will give you the same discounts as a metrocard. It is at least 30% cheaper  than paying cash on the bus or ferry, it also automatically caps how much you pay each day as well as over a week (Monday to Sunday). If you're under 18 you will only be charged $1.25 per trip within Christchurch City (zone 1) using your Cando card, and the maximum you can be charged per day, if travelling within the same zone as your first trip, is two trip fares. After this has been deducted you have unlimited travel within Christchurch City (zone 1) for that day. Paying cash is $2.00 per trip and only gives you 1 free transfer within 2 hours after that trip has been taken.

For more information on all the discounts and zones see our fares page. ( ** standard Christchurch City (zone 1) child fare valid to children under 18 years of age. As at July 2016.)

How does it work?

Your Cando card is like a debit card which you top up with travel credit. The cost of the trip will be automatically deducted when you place your Cando card on a metrocard reader in the bus or ferry. The card readers display window will show your remaining balance and the cost of the trip being taken. When you have less than $5 on your card, an orange light will let you know it is time to top up.

You can also check your balance online - use the purple widgets on the right of this page to do so.

What happens if I lose my Cando Card?

If you use your Cando card as a metrocard and lose it, you need to ring Metroinfo on 366 88 55 immediately. We can then put a block on your card so that any funds remaining on the card cannot be used. You can either replace the card with a Metrocard or new Cando card. To get a new Metrocard you'll need to visit the Metro Info Counter at the Bus Interchange. Replacement cards costs $10.00 and if your previous card had less than $10 credit on it you will also need to top it up. Replacement Cando cards can be purchased at your school.


How do I top up my Cando card?

You will need to top up your Cando card for it to work as a metrocard. Minimum top up is $10 and there are many ways you can do this. They are:

  • As you board the bus – in $10 amounts (e.g. $10, $20, $30) using cash only. Give your card and the money to the driver and they will top up your card for you. It will then be immediately available to use.
  • At the Bus Interchange or at a metro agent – any amount from $10 - $250 using cash, debit or credit card. Your top up is immediately available to use.
  • Online – by creating an online top up account you will be able to top up your Cando card using a credit card online. Generally these top ups are available within an hour however delays can be caused by the telecommunication network or bus ticketing machines forwarding data updates. If this occurs a top up can take up to 12 hours to be available on your Cando card.


Is my Cando Card from last year still valid as a metrocard this year?

Cando cards from the previous year are valid as a metrocard until the 31st March of the current year. On the 31st March the old Cando card will expire and no longer be able to be used as a Metocard. To use your new Cando card as a metrocard, you will need to make sure you have made a top up of $10 on it to activate it. 

How do I replace my card?

To get a replacement Cando Card, you need to contact your school office and organise a replacement through them. Once you have it you will need to make sure you have made a top up of $10 on it to activate it.

 If you choose to replace your card with a metrocard, visit the Metro Info Counter at the Bus Interchange corner of Lichfield St and Colombo St, 7.30am - 6pm Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm Saturday & Sunday. A replacement metrocard will cost $10. Metro also require a top up of $10 to be put on the card at the time of purchase and funds from your lost Cando card can then be transferred onto the new metrocard.

To get a replacement metrocard visit our Metro Info Counter at the Bus Interchange.

Please note: You will need to bring some identification with you and Metro agents cannot replace lost cards or transfer funds from one card to another. Also the new metrocard cannot be used as identification and does not have the other benefits of a Cando card.

Does my travel credit left on my old card get transferred?

Once your old Cando card expires, on the 31st March unused funds will be automatically transferred to your new card. We recommend you make a $10 top up on your new Cando card as this process can take up to a week to be completed.

What happens if I don’t get a new Cando Card for the current year?

If you have left school and are not eligible for a new Cando card or choose not to get one you will need to purchase a metrocard if you would like to continue receiving discounted travel. A new metrocard will cost you $10 and you are required to top up the new card with $10 credit at the time of purchase.

You can get one from our Metro Info Counter at the Bus Interchange.

You can also transfer unused credit from your old Cando card to your new metrocard at the same time.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​