• Metrocard top ups and balances not available - updated Wednesday 25 May 8.35am

    ​Updated - 8.35am Wednesday 25 May

    Due to a system failure our metrocard website is still not available​. This means you can not check your balance or top up metrocards online at the moment. It also means that our Metro call centre can not tell you your​ card balance either.  If you need to top up your card you can at a metro agent, at the Bus Interchange or with your bus driver. If you need to check your balance please ask your bus driver. 

    At this stage it is likely that the system will remain down for another 24 hours, Metro apologise for the inconvenience this is causing our customers.

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Metrocard is the cheaper and more convenient way to travel by bus. You don't have to think about having the right change for the bus and it saves you at least 25% on your trips compared to paying cash.

    • save at least 25% on your bus travel
    • safe and secure "smart" card
    • no need to carry cash