Your new Bus Interchange

Stage Two of your new Bus Interchange is now opening.

Christchurch’s new Bus Interchange is one step closer to completion. 

The Bus Interchange is fully covered, flooded with natural light, and designed for safety. Its easy layout makes it a good move for Metro customers and for our city’s public transport.

The $53 million facility has opened in stages. The first stage opened on May 25 with half of the 16 bus bays operational while construction continued in the second stage area. On August 20, the building was physically completed and further opened to the public, including bike parking and more seating. 

On Thursday October 8, the remaining eight bus bays will become operational.  Up to four retail tenants are expected to begin trading later this year. 

Metro passengers have experienced plenty of change during the rebuilding of our city’s public transport system. We appreciate your patience during the build of your brand new bus interchange.

By taking the bus, you are playing an important part in helping Christchurch grow.  We’re becoming a modern, vibrant, people-friendly city – so thank ​you.


Where do I find the new interchange?

You’ll find the new Interchange on the corner of Lichfield and Colombo Streets.

Central Station location map 

How do I get my bus?

The interchange has been designed to make catching your bus simple.  Extra staff are on hand to help you find your way around.

A large screen in the lounge displays the platform your bus will use.

As the bus approaches, another screen and voice announcements let you know which door to use for your bus.

There are spacious waiting areas with plenty of seating.  Announcements will be made when buses arrive and are boarding.

When your bus arrives, the glass doors will open for you to board the bus.

Check out our easy to use Platform Guide. 

Platform Guide 

Using the bus bike racks at the Bus Interchange

At the new Bus Interchange, cyclists are able to load and unload bikes under cover.

Cyclists have a separate bike door to access the bike racks in front of the bus. 

These instructions outline the steps to load and unload your bike.

Entering the Bus Interchange

  • Bikes can be wheeled through the main doors of the interchange to the bus bays.
  • View the information screens to find which bay your bus will depart from.


Loading your bike at the Bus Interchange

  • Wait with your bike at the bike access door in the bay.
  • After the bus arrives, the central passenger doors will open.
  • Open the bike access door by pressing the black switch to the left of the door.
  • Wheel your bike through the door and load your bike onto the rack
  • Board the bus.
  • The bike access door will automatically close when the driver closes the passenger doors.


Unloading your bike at the Bus Interchange

  • Tell the driver you will be removing your bike from the bike rack.
  • Exit the bus through the passenger doors into the passenger lounge.
  • Go to the bike access door.
  • Open the bike access door by pressing the black switch to the left of the door.
  • Walk to the front of the bus and take your bike off the bike rack.
  • Wheel your bike into the passenger lounge.


Note:  The bike door does not open from the bus side.  You need to open it from the lounge side so that you can exit with your bike.

Please walk your bike through the Bus Interchange to the exits or the undercover lock–up area for bikes.


An Accessible Interchange

The new interchange has been designed to improve the travel experience for people with impairments, access challenges and those with limited mobility.  It is the most comfortable, safe and accessible public transport hub that our city has ever seen.

Features include:

  • Tactile pavers to lead visibility impaired people to buses
  • Bus bays numbered on columns in Braille
  • Push buttons for audio door number announcements
  • Wheelchair accessible facilities including the Metro Info counter


Cycling past Tuam Street

Be aware – Take care – Flashing orange LED lights mean get ready to STOP on the red light outside the new Bus Interchange.

Cyclists who use the cycle lane on Tuam Street outside the new Bus Interchange need to be aware of important safety information.

There are separated cycle lanes outside the new Bus Interchange on Tuam Street and buses will be turning across the cycle lane to enter the Interchange.

When buses have a green bus-only light, cyclists have a red cycle-only stop light. An on-road orange flashing light will warn cyclists that the light is going to change to red. Cyclists need to get ready to STOP on the red light.

View information on how the cycle light system works and how to use the cycle lane »​.

Cycle safety message 


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Bus Interchange: Frequently Asked Questions

Find out about the new Interchange, its design and how to use it.

Read the FAQs about the new bus interchange​ »

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