Change ahead for Rangiora bus service

Due to low patronage, a bus service that runs from Rangiora to the Airport and Hornby (960) will stop operating after 22 December.
The service consists of three trips from Rangiora to the Airport and Hornby on weekday mornings, and three trips back to Rangiora in the afternoon.

Environment Canterbury public transport planning manager Edward Wright said, “We understand that this change will affect the passengers who currently take the 960, but we’re happy that we have an alternative option for them to continue using public transport.  Earlier this year we increased the frequency of the Blue line from Rangiora to the city to run at ten-minute intervals during peak times.”

After 22 December, the small number of passengers who currently take the 960 can instead take the Blue line.  Anyone who needs to carry on to the Airport and Hornby can change from the Blue line to the 125 at Northlands Mall in Papanui.

“We encourage current 960 passengers to try the Blue line and 125 moving forward, or to consider alternative options such as carpooling, to continue helping to keep traffic congestion down,” said Wright.

Any passengers who need help planning their journeys after Friday 22 December can call our Metroinfo team on 03 366 8855 or email