Fare reintroduction on public transport

Date: 4 June 2020

Fares will be reintroduced on public transport services in Christchurch and Timaru from Monday 15 June 2020.

Our senior manager public transport, Stewart Gibbon, said that to encourage contactless payments, Metrocards will be provided free during June.

“During our response to COVID-19, we’ve all become used to the simplicity of paying with contactless methods whenever we can. We would like to support our customers to continue this when they use public transport, and so we will be providing Metrocards free of charge all month,” he said.

Gibbon says that although the Ministry of Health has approved the use of cash on public transport, Metrocards provide access to cheaper fares.

“Your cash takes you further, as fares are at least 25% less with a Metrocard. They also provide capped daily and weekly fares, and the card’s credit amount is secure if the card is registered and subsequently stolen.

“We’ve made it even easier to use a Metrocard, by creating a new account-to-account payment option for online top-ups, for those who don’t have or don’t want to use a credit card,” he said.

If you’re in Timaru

To encourage contactless payments on Timaru public transport, customers on MyWay by Metro are requested to set up app payments.

“MyWay by Metro is the ideal contactless service, with app payment easy to set up. We will also be providing Metrocards free of charge all month,” said Gibbon.

Metrocards and the MyWay by Metro app provide access to cheaper fares.

“If you are using the Timaru Link fares are at least 25% less with a Metrocard.”

Payments on MyWay by Metro are by the MyWay by Metro app or Metrocard only, with no cash carried on the vehicles.

Getting your free Metrocard

Metrocards are free for the month of June, while stocks last.

They are available at the Metroinfo counter at the Christchurch Bus Interchange, at participating agencies, at the Timaru Information Centre, and now, you can order your Metrocard online.

As an added bonus, customers who register their card during June, will automatically go in the draw to win one of ten $100 New World vouchers. ​