• Services running to Sunday timetables and are for essential travel only

    IMPORTANT: Please register your trip for contact tracing purposes at: www.ecan.govt.nz/trace​

    Recently we were asked by the Ministry of Health to provide details of all passengers on each trip for contact tracing purposes. Please register your trip using the unique bus ID number written on posters within the vehicle. If you are unable to do this while on board​ you can register your trip afterward using your trip details instead (route, boarding location, destination and time of trip).

    From Thursday 26 March bus services are running to Sunday timetables, and will be for essential travel only.

    To help protect our drivers and to maintain the service, buses will have rear boarding only, and fares will not be required. ​

    In addition to the regular Sunday timetable there are a small number of extra trips on some routes in the early morning and late evening. The Diamond Harbour Ferry has a special timetable and route 135 is operating to its Saturday timetable.

    The Bus Interchange is closed and all central city services will use the Manchester St super stops instead.

    More details here: http://www.metroinfo.co.nz/promotions/Pages/Help-keep-us-all-well.aspx​

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 New park and ride facilities for Selwyn residents

Date: 18 Jul 2019

Two new park and ride facilities are now open in Rolleston, providing increased access to public transport for the community.

The designated park and ride spaces have been established at Foster Park where people can connect to the 85, and at a newly-constructed car park adjacent to the Selwyn District Council offices for connections to the 85, Yellow Line and 820 services. Parking is free for those connecting to a bus service. Bus stops to board the bus are found on street next to these facilities.

Selwyn District Council’s newly-constructed car park and park and ride facility, which was completed last month, provides 79 parking spaces for park and ride users, along with six cycle racks.

Environment Canterbury manager of public transport strategy, planning and marketing Edward Wright says the investment by Selwyn District Council in this new facility helps to increase access to bus services for more people.

“We’re really pleased to see such a great park and ride facility now available for Rolleston residents, along with the option to also park at Foster Park. Having park and ride options helps to make public transport a more accessible travel choice for more of the community.”

Selwyn Mayor Sam Broughton said it’s been good to see so many people using the park and rides from day one.

“This council project captures our communities’ vision to ease congestion and provide more environmentally friendly transport options,” he said.

Entrance to the Foster Park park and ride is from Broadlands Drive, and the Selwyn District Council park and ride is accessed from Norman Kirk Drive. Signage at each location explains the car parks that have been specifically allocated for park and ride users.