Plea for patience when travelling by bus

Rapidly changing road detours and extensive road repairs are proving challenging for bus drivers on many routes around the city.

Environment Canterbury is asking passengers to be patient and to plan their trips carefully to ensure they arrive at their destination on time.

Passenger Services Manager David Stenhouse says “Drivers are doing the best they can under difficult road conditions and some routes are having to be changed because of detours. Often the driver does not find out about the change until the last minute and must adapt quickly.

“We understand the frustration for passengers if they are tight for time,” he says. “However it is unlikely this situation will change in the near future as the number of road repairs continues to escalate, so we are asking people to be patient and to plan their journey to ensure they do arrive on time.”

Passengers can find out the location of road repairs which may affect their route on the Transport for Christchurch website.

They can also find information on bus detours on their timetables at or on Facebook, also they can sign up for bus detours by texting “follow metrochch” to 8987.

Mr Stenhouse says “We are also reminding Super Gold Card holders using metro services that there is a definite time limit for use of these cards and if passengers board outside these times, they will have to pay for their trip.

“Free bus transport for Super Gold cardholders is strictly for use in off-peak periods and is not available in peak hour travel. Hours for use are between 9am and 3pm and after 6.30pm on week days and all weekend and public holidays.”