Proposal to extend the 145 Westmorland bus service

Tell us what you think about the proposal to extend the 145 bus route in Westmorland by Friday 10 August 2018.

145 to travel to the city

Earlier this year, Environment Canterbury consulted on discontinuing the 145 Westmorland service, as part of the Long-Term Plan 2018-2028. We received a large number of submissions suggesting that the route is not removed, but modified to travel to the city

As a result, the service will be rerouted from Barrington Mall into the central city later this year.

Proposal to extend route coverage in Westmorland

A number of submissions also suggested adjusting the current 145 service in Westmorland so it services more Westmorland residents.
We are proposing to extend the route to travel from Sedgwick Way to the top of Ravensdale Rise and then back down Penruddock Rise, then onto Cashmere Road to continue to Barrington and the city.

This means the bus would no longer travel along Woodside Common.

The proposed route map is below. This has been shared with the Westmorland Residents’ Association, one of the submitters who proposed a larger route in Westmorland and are in support of the expansion.

New bus stops

Creating some new bus stops will be required for the proposed 145 route change.  The map below shows the proposed bus stop locations.  These
locations have been chosen by Christchurch City Council staff after evaluating the street infrastructure, alignment between stops, and the requirements for residential access to the bus stops. Christchurch City Council is consulting with residents who are directly affected by the proposed locations of these stops. 

If you have any additional feedback regarding the proposed bus stop locations, you can contact Peter Rodgers, Transport Engineer, on 03 941 6303 or by email at

What happens next?

If you have any feedback regarding the proposed route, please contact us by email at, or call us on 03 366 8855, before 5pm on Friday 10 August. 

After consultation closes at 5pm on Friday 10 August, we will evaluate the feedback received and finalise the 145 route in Westmorland.  The route changes would then be adopted later this year, alongside the Long-Term Plan change to reroute from Barrington Mall to the central city.