Route changes ahead for the Orbiter & 44 Shirley bus services


Tell us what you think about the proposed 44 Shirley bus route extension and proposed new bus stops by Friday 24th August 2018.

In 2011, following public consultation, NZTA’s Northern Corridor project confirmed a change in road use for Philpotts Road and QEII Drive.

These changes are scheduled to take place towards the end of 2018.  QEII Drive will become four-laned with a central median, and a right turn in and out of Philpotts Road will not be possible. 

This means Philpotts Road at QEII Drive will become left-in left-out only.  This change means that the Orbiter will no longer be able to turn onto Philpotts Road, and therefore we need to make changes to the Orbiter route.

Orbiter route change

We looked at several route options, taking into consideration the effects on the wider bus network, directness of the route, access for as many current and potential Orbiter users as possible, and the operating cost.  

After evaluating the options, we have concluded that the only viable option is to re-route the Orbiter via Cranford Street and Innes Road (see map below).  The change will take place late this year.

Proposal to change the 44 service

We understand that the route change to the Orbiter will affect some residents living adjacent to Philpotts Road, such as the residents and staff of the Diana Isaac Retirement Village. 

We took the concerns of the retirement village on board and worked with them to develop a solution that means they retain access to the network, while remaining a viable option for us, and the rest of the community.

As a result, we are consulting to change the 44 Shirley route, to provide access to The Palms and the central city for those residents. 
We propose that the 44 service is extended to include travelling to and from Innes Road via Philpotts Road, Glenfield Crescent, Roslyn Avenue, Croziers Road, Ranger Street and Nancy Avenue (see map above).

This route extension would take slightly longer to complete each trip, meaning journeys for some existing passengers would be slightly longer, however, the timetable would continue to operate at half hourly intervals on weekdays and hourly on weekends. 

The operating hours would extend to accommodate the shift end time of 9pm for staff at the Diana Isaac Retirement Village.

If you have any queries or would like to comment on the proposed route change, please contact us via email at, or call 03 366 88 55, by Friday 24 August 2018. We are alsop holding a drop in session where you can come and ask us any questions on Tuesday 21st August at Pay it Forward, 46 Nancy Ave, Mairehau from 6.30pm - 8pm.

New and moving bus stops

Moving existing bus stops, and creating some new bus stops, will be required for the change to the Orbiter route and the proposed 44 route change.

The map below shows the proposed bus stop locations. These locations have been chosen by Christchurch City Council staff after evaluating the street infrastructure, alignment between stops, whether the locations would be used for connecting between bus routes, and the requirements for residential access to the bus stops. 

Christchurch City Council is consulting with residents who are directly affected by the proposed locations of these stops.

If you have any additional feedback regarding the proposed bus stop locations, you can contact Peter Rodgers, Transport Engineer Christchurch City Council, on 03 941 6303 or at