Christmas & Holiday hours

Over the Christmas holiday period Metro, operate reduced bus services and customer service hours so that as many staff across the network as possible, can spend time with their families during the holiday season.  This means bus timetables, the Metroinfo counter and Metroinfo call centre will operate to slightly different hours than normal. Please see the list below for further details.

Over the holiday period buses and the ferry will operate the following timetables:


Monday 25 Dec (Christmas Day) Sunday timetable, all services stop at 6pm (see list below of last trips that will run on each route)
Tuesday 26 Dec (Boxing Day) Saturday timetable
Wednesday 27 Dec Saturday timetable
Thursday 28 Dec
Saturday timetable
Friday 29 Dec Saturday timetable
Saturday 30 Dec Saturday timetable
Sunday 31 Dec
Sunday timetable
Monday 1 Jan Saturday timetable
Tuesday 2 Jan Saturday timetable
Wednesday 3 Jan normal weekday timetables resume 

Supergold Card Hours

This year Supergold cards  will be accepted all day Wednesday 27th December – Friday 29th December.  This means that during the entire period between 25 December and 2 January when weekend timetables are operating Supergold cards will be accepted all day as well. On Wednesday 3rd January normal weekday Supergold hours and rules will apply.

Christmas Day last bus trips  

On Christmas Day all bus services run Sunday timetables and stop at approximately 6pm so that the drivers can also spend time celebrating with their families.  Below is the list of the last trips that will be run on each bus route and the destinations those trips will end at.


Blue Line  

Belfast to City departs Belfast 5.45pm arrives Bus Interchange 6.12pm
Belfast to PMH departs Belfast 5.15pm arrives PMH 6.02pm
Rangiora to City departs Rangiora 5.44pm arrives Bus Interchange 6.39pm
Rangiora to PMH departs Rangiora 4.40pm arrives PMH 6.02pm
PMH to Belfast departs PMH 5.35pm arrives Belfast 6.28pm
Cashmere & PMH to Rangiora  departs Cashmere 4.59pm arrives Rangiora 6.28pm 

Orange Line 

Queenspark to Halswell departs Queenspark 5.02pm arrives Halswell 6.03pm
Queenspark to City departs Queenspark 5.32pm arrives Bus Interchange 6.04pm
Halswell to Queenspark departs Halswell 5.16pm arrives Queenspark 6.18pm 
Halswell to City
departs Halswell 5.46pm arrives Bus Interchange 6.11pm  

Purple Line  

Airport to Sumner departs Airport 5.37pm arrives Sumner 6.43pm
Sumner to Airport departs Sumner 5.41pm arrives Airport 6.48pm

Yellow Line 

Hornby to City departs Hornby 5.57pm arrives Bus Interchange 6.17pm
Hornby to New Brighton departs Hornby 5.13pm arrives New Brighton 6.22pm
New Brighton to City  departs New Brighton 5.43pm arrives Bus Interchange 6.07pm
New Brighton to Hornby
departs New Brighton 5.13pm arrives Hornby 6.09pm
New Brighton to Rolleston departs New Brighton 4.43pm arrives Rolleston 6.10pm
Rolleston to Bus Interchange 
departs Rolleston 5.26pm arrives Bus Interchange 6.17pm
Rolleston to New Brighton departs Rolleston 4.30pm arrives New Brighton 5.56pm


Clockwise (Eastgate, St Martins, PMH etc) departs Eastgate 5.00pm arrives back at Eastgate 6.30pm
Anti-clockwise (Eastgate, Palms, Northlands etc) departs Eastgate 5.00pm arrives back at Eastgate 6.30pm

Please note: the 5.15pm, 5.30pm and 5.45pm trips departing Eastgate in both directions will not operate.

Diamond Harbour Ferry

to Diamond Harbour departs Diamond Harbour 6pm arrives Lyttelton 6.10pm
to Lyttelton departs Lyttelton 5.50pm arrives Diamond Harbour 6pm

17 Bryndwr – Huntsbury

to Bryndwr departs Sheffield Cres 5.10pm arrives Huntsbury 5.48pm
to Huntsbury
departs Huntsbury 5.10pm arrives Sheffield Cres 5.52pm

28 Papanui – Lyttelton

to Papanui departs Lyttelton 5.50pm arrives Northlands 6.46pm
to Lyttelton departs Northlands 5.49pm arrives Lyttelton 6.40pm

29 City – Airport

to Airport departs Bus Interchange 5.52pm arrives Airport 6.17pm
to City departs Airport 5.52pm arrives Bus Interchange 6.22pm

44 Shirley

to City departs Dallington 5.51pm arrives Bus Interchange 6.14pm
to Shirley departs Bus Interchange 5.49pm arrives Dallington 6.17pm

60 Hillmorton – Southshore

Hillmorton to Southshore 
departs Wigram 4.57pm arrives Southshore 6.18pm
Hillmorton to City departs Wigram 5.27pm arrives Bus Interchange 5.57pm
Southshore to Hillmorton  
departs Southshore 5.00pm arrives Wigram 6.15pm
Southshore to City
departs Southshore 5.30pm arrives Bus Interchange 6.12pm 

80 Lincoln – Parklands

Lincoln to Parklands departs Lincoln 4.54pm arrives Parklands 6.09pm
Lincoln to City departs Lincoln 5.54pm arrives Bus Interchange 6.30pm
Parklands to Lincoln departs Parklands 5.21pm arrives Lincoln 6.36pm

95 Pegasus - City

to Pegasus departs Ara Institute 5.35pmpm arrives Pegasus 6.46pm
to City departs Pegasus 5.05pm arrives Ara Institute  6.06pm

100 Wigram – The Palms

to Palms departs Halswell 5.34pm arrives the Palms 6.36pm
to Wigram departs the Palms 5.55pm arrives Halswell 6.53pm

107 Styx Mill – Northlands

to City departs Northwood 5.53pm arrives Northlands 5.45pm
to Styx Mill departs Northlands 5.20pm arrives Northwood 5.40pm

108 Casebrook – Northlands

to Northlands departs Northwood 5.27pm arrives Northlands 5.45pm
to Casebrook departs Northlands 5.50pm arrives Northwood 6.08pm

120 Burnside – Spreydon

to Spreydon departs Sheffield Cres 5.29pm arrives Barrington 6.12pm
to Burnside  departs Barrington 5.23pm arrives Sheffield Cres 6.07pm

125 Westlake – Redwood

to Redwood  departs Halswell 5.30pm arrives Redwood 6.30pm
to Westlake departs Redwood 5.41pm arrives Halswell 6.43pm

130 Hei Hei – Avonhead via Riccarton

to Avonhead departs Hornby 5.49pm arrives Avonhead 6.34pm
to Hei Hei
departs Avonhead 5.48pm arrives Hornby 6.35pm  

135 Burwood Hospital – New Brighton

to Burwood Hospital departs New Brighton 5.42pm arrives Burwood 6.02pm
to New Brighton
departs 5.11pm arrives New Brighton 5.31pm

140 Russley - Mt Pleasant

to Mt Pleasant departs Hornby 4.57pm arrives Mt Pleasant 6.05pm
to Russley departs Mt Pleasant 5.18pm arrives Hornby 6.27pm  

145 Westmorland – Eastgate

to Westmorland departs Eastgate 5.32pm arrives Westmorland 6.18pm
to Eastgate departs Westmorland 5.25pm arrives Eastgate 6.09pm

535 Eastgate – Lyttelton & Rapaki

to Rapaki departs Eastgate 5.19pm arrives Rapaki 6.01pm
to Eastgate departs Rapaki 5.24pm arrives Eastgate 6.07pm

820 Lincoln – Burnham via Rolleston

to Lincoln departs Burnham 5.10pm arrives Lincoln 5.53pm
to Burnham
departs Lincoln 4.59pm arrives Burnham 5.40pm

Metroinfo call centre hours

If you need help planning your trip this holiday season, or if you have a question about taking the bus or ferry, you can call our friendly staff during the following times:  


Monday 25 Dec (Christmas Day) CLOSED
Tuesday 26 Dec (Boxing Day)
Wednesday 27 Dec
7am – 7pm
Thursday 28 Dec
7am – 7pm
Friday 29 Dec
7am – 7pm
Saturday 30 Dec
7am – 7pm
Sunday 31 Dec
9am – 7pm
Monday 1 Jan
Tuesday 2 Jan
Wednesday 3 Jan
7am – 7pm 

Metroinfo customer service counter hours

If you need help at the Bus Interchange, our friendly counter staff are available during the following times:


Monday 25 Dec (Christmas Day) CLOSED
Tuesday 26 Dec (Boxing Day)
Wednesday 27 Dec
9am – 5pm
Thursday 28 Dec
9am – 5pm
Friday 29 Dec
9am – 5pm
Saturday 30 Dec
9am – 5pm
Sunday 31 Dec
9am – 5pm
Monday 1 Jan
Tuesday 2 Jan
Wednesday 3 Jan
7.30am – 6pm