• Services running to Sunday timetables and are for essential travel only

    IMPORTANT: Please register your trip for contact tracing purposes at: www.ecan.govt.nz/trace​

    Recently we were asked by the Ministry of Health to provide details of all passengers on each trip for contact tracing purposes. Please register your trip using the unique bus ID number written on posters within the vehicle. If you are unable to do this while on board​ you can register your trip afterward using your trip details instead (route, boarding location, destination and time of trip).

    From Thursday 26 March bus services are running to Sunday timetables, and will be for essential travel only.

    To help protect our drivers and to maintain the service, buses will have rear boarding only, and fares will not be required. ​

    In addition to the regular Sunday timetable there are a small number of extra trips on some routes in the early morning and late evening. The Diamond Harbour Ferry has a special timetable and route 135 is operating to its Saturday timetable.

    The Bus Interchange is closed and all central city services will use the Manchester St super stops instead.

    More details here: http://www.metroinfo.co.nz/promotions/Pages/Help-keep-us-all-well.aspx​

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Covid-19 Metro Service updates

Updated Monday 30 March 2020 - 9.30am 

New Zealand's Covid-19 alert level has risen to  Level Four full lockdown as of Thursday 26 March.  ​

Since Thursday, public transport is now only available for people working in essential services, for medical reasons (but not if you are unwell), and to get to the supermarket.  

To help protect our drivers and to maintain the service, buses have rear boarding only, and fares are not  required. ​

The Sunday timetable is running across all Christchurch services with the exception of the Diamond Harbour Ferry and 135 New Brighton – the Palms services.  In addition to running Sunday timetables Metro is also running additional trips on a limited number of routes early in the morning and later in the evening, in order to support people relying on public transport to reach essential services.  

We appreciate these may not cover everybody who would like to use public transport for their essential travel, however we are doing our best and will review the demand for these services regularly. You can view more information on addtional trips, the Diamond Harbour Ferry and 135 New Brighton - the Palms services under 'service timetables' below.

The Bus Interchange is also now closed, and passengers need to use the super stop on Manchester Street between Gloucester Street and Worcester Street instead. View a map showing which side of the road to board your service at the super stop here.​​

We expect these measures to remain in place for at least four weeks. As a reminder, if you are unwell and need to travel, you must use private transport.

Contact tracing

We have been asked by the Ministry of Health to contact trace all public transport contacts. There are now big posters on the buses and ferries, asking you to register your journey.

This is a simple process, to do so you do need to take note of the unique bus ID number written on the poster, and visit ecan.govt.nz/trace to register your details. ​If you don't have access to the internet you can call us on 03 366 8855 and we will register your trip for you.

The information is held for Ministry of Health contact tracing purposes only. Find out more here. 

Service Timetables

All services will operate Sunday timetables unless listed below.

Diamond Harbour Ferry 

Operating a reduced Sunday timetable between 8am and 8pm, view the new timetable here

For updates from the Ferry team go to @DiamondHarbourFerry on Facebook 

135 New Brighton – Palms

Operating Monday - Saturday using its Saturday timetable.

Orange Line 

In addition to running the Sunday timetable the following early morning and late evening trips will run.


Queenspark - Christchurch Hospital = departing Queenspark 5.50am and Burwood Hospital 5.58am arriving Manchester St 6.20am and Christchurch Hospital 6.27am

Halswell - Queenspark = departing Knights Stream Park 5.55am, arriving Christchurch Hospital 6.17am, Manchester St 6.20am, Burwood Hospital 6.42am and Queenspark 6.57am


Queenspark - Halswell = departing Queenspark 11.02pm and Burwood Hospital 11.10pm arriving Manchester St 11.34pm, Christchurch Hospital 11.41pm and Knights Stream Park 12.03am

Christchurch Hospital - Queenspark = departing Christchurch Hospital 11.35pm and Manchester St 11.38pm arriving Burwood Hospital 11.55pm and Queenspark 12.15am

Purple Line 

In addition to running the Sunday timetable the following early morning and late evening trips will run.


Avonhead - City = departing Avonhead Mall 6.05am, arriving Christchurch Hospital 6.20am and Manchester St 6.20am

Sumner - Christchurch Hospital = departing Sumner 5.49am, arriving Manchester St 6.20am and Christchurch Hospital 6.27am


City - Sheffield Cres = departing Manchester St 11.29pm and Christchurch Hospital 11.33pm arriving Sheffield Cres 11.58pm

Christchurch Hospital - Sumner = departing Christchurch Hospital 11.32pm and Manchester St 11.35pm arriving Sumner 12.13am

Yellow Line 

In addition to running the Sunday timetable the following early morning and late evening trips will run.​


Hornby - City = departing Hornby 6.05am arriving Christchurch Hospital 6.25am and Manchester St 6.28am

New Brighton - Christchurch Hospital = departing New Brighton 5.55am arriving Manchester St 6.19am and Christchurch Hospital 6.26am


Christchurch Hospital - New Brighton = departing Christchurch Hospital 11.40pm and Manchester St 11.43pm arriving New Brighton 12.10am

City - Hornby = departing Manchester St 11.30pm and Christchurch Hospital 11.35pm arriving Hornby 12.02am.

85 Rolleston – City , 86 Darfield – City, 87 Leeston – City  and 155 Eastgate – Lyttelton shopper service

These services will not operate during this time.

School bus services

Metro school bus services operated for the last time on Tuesday 24 March, and will recommence again when schools reopen.

Lost Property

During the level 4 lockdown period, the only lost property you will be able to collect from bus operators are high value items such as phones, wallets or valuables. Anything else will be stored and be available for retrieval after the lockdown has ended.

Feedback process

During the level 4 lockdown period, all feedback received will be reviewed by the Metro team. Our response times will be longer than normal due to staff availability and temporary working locations. We will prioritise serious issues and respond to other feedback as resources allow. Reponses during this time will be via phone or email only..​

We’ve been taking steps to ensure we’re prepared for COVID-19 in Canterbury

Some of these steps include:

  • asking passengers to:
    • follow the guidelines on self-isolation​
    • to board from the rear doors (unless they have an accessibility access need)
    • to try and stay 1 metre away from each other where possible and keep their bag on the seat next to them. 
  • cleaning our buses and ferries on a regular basis and stepping up the cleaning of surfaces like handrails, stop buttons, and seat backs.
  • blocking seats closest to the drivers from being used.
  • making sure the very latest information and advice from the Ministry of Health are being supplied to our staff and operators.

Some tips from the Ministry of Health:

  • If you are unwell stay home.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water often, for at least 20 seconds.
  • Cough or sneeze by covering your mouth and nose with tissues.
  • If you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve or elbow.
  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser with more than 60 percent alcohol.
  • Try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects, such as doorknobs.

Call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 if:

If you have any further questions email us at metroinfo@ecan.govt.nz​ or call 03 366 8855.