• Covid-19 Alert L2 - Regular timetables now operating

    COVID-19 Alert Level 2 update

    Metro’s public transport networks have returned to regular timetables, and the central city bus interchange has reopened. Find out more about Metro services at Level 2 here.​

    Capacity on board vehicles

    Government advice is that at Alert Level 2, people can leave home to do more things, but should follow public health measures and consider others around them. In​ particular, people shoul​d keep their distance from people they do not know. This includes onboard public transport. Because of this, the network’s capacity is restricted, across both urban and school services.

    The Ministry of Health requires the capacity on most buses to be limited, which means there will only be approximately 40% of normal seated capacity – or around 25% of normal total capacity, with standing passengers not permitted.

    Sitting together on the bus

    Physical distancing from your fellow passengers is important. Please sit at green stickered seats, unless travelling with people you know. 

    People who know each other can sit next to each other (i.e. in a red dot seat next to a green dot seat). Would you be able to name the people you’re sitting next to if the Ministry of Health contacted you for contact tracing? If so, it’s okay to sit with them.

    Traveling outside of peak times

    If you have a choice, we ask that you avoid travelling at our peak times of 7am - 9am and 2.30pm – 5.30pm, weekdays.

    We really appreciate everyone’s patience and kindness as we work within the limitations in place to keep everyone safe.

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Park & Ride to YES Power Sparks 2020


Christchurch City Council and Environment Canterbury are making it easy for you, to get to and from YES Power Sparks, with FREE buses!

Buses will be running to North Hagley Park from Eastgate Mall (main car park bus stop on Cranley Street) and University of Canterbury (Clyde Road car park) between 5pm – 8.30pm on Saturday 15 February.

Free parking will be available within Eastgate Mall carpark and University of Canterbury Clyde Rd car park (off Arts Rd).

After Sparks, buses heading back to Eastgate Mall and University of Canterbury will depart from Park Terrace (across from Peterborough Street) from 10pm onwards.

The last bus will depart at 10.15pm approx.​​​​​​​

Find out more about YES Power Sparks 2020.​​​​