Should the 820 Burnham-Lincoln bus route be extended in Rolleston?

Tell us what you think about our proposal to extend this route to travel through the Faringdon and Acland Park subdivisions.

Recently Environment Canterbury has been investigating the current usage of the 820 Lincoln-Burnham service, which travels via Rolleston, and ways we can use this route to improve public transport coverage within Rolleston.

Over the past few years, Rolleston has seen significant development of residential properties.

There is an opportunity to extend the 820 to travel via Faringdon and Acland Park subdivisions so that residents in these areas have access to an all-day public transport service to Rolleston’s town centre, Lincoln and Burnham.

It would also connect to the Yellow Line (which travels to central Christchurch) at Kidman St in Rolleston.

Proposed route

Route 820 currently travels along Goulds Rd, Dynes Rd and Springston Rolleston Rd between the Lincoln and Rolleston townships.

We propose to move the route into Faringdon, travelling via Goulds Rd, East Maddisons Rd, Ledbury Dr, Faringdon Blvd and Dynes Rd.

It would then travel into Acland Park along Thornborough Dr, Geldard Dr, Broadway Pde and Lady Isaac Dr back onto Springston Rolleston Rd to resume its existing route to Lincoln.

By extending this service into Faringdon and Acland Park, over 900 more homes would have access to public transport.

Timetables and funding

Current usage of the 820 tells us that the first and last trips of the day have very low boardings across all locations.

We propose removing the trips currently operating before 7am and after 8pm.

The frequency would remain hourly.

Removing these trips means that the proposed change would not result in increased operating costs, meaning no rate or fare increases need to be considered.

Got Questions?

Staff will be available to discuss this proposal on Wednesday 19 February at Lemonwood Grove School between 6.30pm and 8.00pm.

You can also email your questions to

Tell us what you think

We need to know what you think – should we extend the 820 route to cover Faringdon and Acland Park?

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Consultation ends Friday 6th March.​​​​​​​​