Your Cando card is a Metro card too

What is a Cando card?

A Cando card is a card for students that enables them to get discounts and special offers from retailers and suppliers.  It also functions as a metrocard for any Metro bus or ferry service in Greater Christchurch, including school buses.

What is happening?

Every year Christchurch Students get their Cando cards updated as school roles are updated. Current Cando cards are valid as a metrocard until the 31 March 2018.

On 31 March old Cando cards will expire and no longer be able to be used as a metrocard.  Any unused funds will automatically be transferred to new Cando cards. We recommend you make a $10 top up as this process can take up to a week to be completed.

Didn’t get a new Cando card for the current year?

If you have left school and are not eligible for a new Cando card or choose not to get one, you will need to purchase a metrocard if you would like to continue receiving discounted travel. Find out where you can get a metrocard on our site.
If you didn’t get a Cando card and believe you should have then contact your school office.

Replacing a lost or faulty Cando card

Lost Cando card – If you lose your Cando card please ring Metroinfo on (03) 366 88 55 immediately.  We can block your card so that any funds remaining on the card cannot be used. You can then either replace the card with a metrocard or a new Cando card.

Faulty Cando card – If your Cando card is faulty when you use it on the bus, the driver will keep the card and give you a Faulty Card Receipt. This will allow you to travel anywhere for the remainder of that day. You will then need to apply for a replacement Cando card.

Get a replacement Cando card – To get a replacement Cando card you will need to contact your school office.

Hop on the bus with your Cando card

Make sure you signal the driver when your bus approaches your stop, and have your Cando card ready to hop on.  When you board, tell the driver the destination you want to travel to and place your Cando card on the card reader.  It will deduct the fare and your new balance will come up on the display.  When your balance goes below $5, the scanner displays a yellow light reminding you to top-up soon.