Let’s get Waimakariri moving


Improved Wai​makariri bus services started 24 April 2017

Waimakariri District’s population has grown substantially, and continues to do so. We have reviewed the public transport services as part of the wider Northern Access Package to cater for the increased demand, and ensure they are going where people work and live.

This has resulted in:

Timetables and maps for the improved services are available below.

Blue Line

Increased frequency and more express trips​

The frequency of the Blue Line has increased to and from Waimakariri at peak times. There is now a bus every 10 minutes to the city between 6.30am and 7.30am weekdays as well as additional buses for the rest of the morning and afternoon peak times.

There are now twice as many express services to make journeys quicker – seven on weekday mornings and nine on weekday afternoons, sixteen in total. Express trips to the city are not picking up any passengers after Factory Rd, Belfast (drop offs only) and express trips to Rangiora are not dropping anyone off before Factory Rd, Belfast (pick ups only).​

View the new timetable and map.

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Route change to connect with Park and Ride facility in Silverstream

The Blue Line is still travelling the existing route through Rangiora, then via Flaxton Rd and Skewbridge Rd into Silverstream to service the new Park and Ride facility. It is then travelling via Ohoka Rd to Williams St in Kaiapoi to continue the previous route to the city and Princess Margaret Hospital.

Please note: there is a new detour affecting the new route from Monday 24 April. The service is detouring away from part of Williams St and Ohoka Rd in Kaiapoi. Click here for more information.​

Blue Line connects with Park and Ride facilities

95 City – Pegasus and Waikuku

Increased frequency and more express trips

During peak times buses are now running every half an hour to take Pegasus, Woodend and Kaiapoi residents directly to and from the central city (6am - 8am and 2.30pm - 5.30pm). At all other times between 6am - 9pm weekdays and 8am - 9pm weekends the 95 is an hourly service. There are now more 95 express trips on weekday mornings and afternoons to speed up travel and two express trips on Saturday mornings and afternoons. These express trips are starting and finishing in Waikuku travelling via Pegasus, Woodend and Kaiapoi. However there aren't any trips to Waikuku during the day due to low usage currently. Express trips to the city are not picking up any passengers after Factory Rd, Belfast (drop offs only) and express trips to Pegasus and Waikuku are not dropping anyone off before Factory Rd, Belfast (pick ups only).

View the new timetable and map.

Need to plan your route again? Use our Journey Planner.​

Route changes

The route through Pegasus was extended to improve coverage of this area. The route through Woodend is travelling straight down SH1 to make the trip quicker and more direct.

Please note: dotted line on map below indicates 95 route on express trips only. All other trips will end in Pegasus.


Improved Pegasus route map

951 Kaiapoi – Pegasus and 952 Kaiapoi - Waikuku

Originally we proposed replacing the 951 and 952 services with a Waimakariri shuttle and the 95 Waikuku and Pegasus service. Both routes were originally intended to travel down Kaiapoi Pa Rd, between Waikuku and Pegasus. However, that road is no longer going to be sealed so will be unsuitable for buses, and the proposed routes had to be amended. The proposed Waimakariri shuttle has now be combined with the 95 service to the city.

The current 951 Kaiapoi – Pegasus and 952 Kaiapoi - Waikuku services are no longer operating.

960 Rangiora – Hornby via Airport

The 960 commuter service to connect Waimakariri, the Airport and Hornby was introduced during 2016 as the first part of the proposed improvements to the Waimakariri bus services. It connects to both Park and Ride facilities in Rangiora and Kaiapoi. It keeps operating as is with no changes made to the route or schedule.

Waimakariri Park and Ride

Rangiora Park and Ride

Rangiora Park and Ride map 

Silverstream Park and Ride

Silverstream Park and Ride map 

Park and Ride means you can drive, or cycle, to these spots and then jump on a bus for the rest of your journey. Both Park and Ride facilities are free of charge, you will just need to pay your bus fare as you board.

Benefits of Park and Ride:

  • Save money
  • Avoid traffic queues by using bus lanes
  • Easy access to public transport services
  • Sit back and relax for your trip to the city – don’t worry about queues, roadworks or finding a car park
  • Get to know your neighbours
  • Do your bit to help reduce congestion and keep Waimakariri moving

The two Park and Ride facilities are small scale and use existing parking to test how well it works locally. If it is successful, there is funding available from the Waimakariri District Council to build larger, purpose-specific Park and Ride facilities at other locations in the future to cater for more vehicles.

Your metrocard is the cheaper way to go

We recommend to anyone who doesn’t already use a Metrocard to get one as it’ll save you at least 30 per cent on your travel, plus it gives you a set price for daily and weekly travel. By using a Metrocard, you’re paying the cheapest bus fare possible. It also helps speed up boarding times which helps everyone on the bus to get to their destination on time.

After the fare review in 2016 we have simplified the zones so all of Waimakariri now falls into zone two.

Fare Type Payment Type
Metrocard Cash Metrocard Cash
Within Zone 2 $1.25 $2.00 $2.55 $4.00
Crossing Zones 1 & 2 $1.85 $2.80 $3.75 $5.50

More about fares and zones.

Any more questions?

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