• Covid-19 Alert L2 - MyWay, Timaru Link and Temuka services normal timetables operating

    Under Alert Level 2, the Timaru Link and Temuka service are back to regular timetables and MyWay by Metro is operating. 

    However, capacity restraints meant that some Timaru Link and school services may be full at peak times.

    During Alert Level 2, the Ministry of Health requires the capacity on most buses to be limited to 40% of normal seated capacity – or around 25% of normal total capacity, with standing passengers not permitted under Level 2.

    Sitting together on the bus

    Physical distancing from your fellow passengers is important. Please sit at green stickered seats, unless travelling with people you know. 

    People who know each other can sit next to each other (i.e. in a red dot seat next to a green dot seat). Would you be able to name the people you’re sitting next to if the Ministry of Health contacted you for contact tracing? If so, it’s okay to sit with them.

    Traveling outside of peak times

    We ask that you consider alternative ways of travelling at peak times, such as biking, walking, scootering or carpooling. Alert Level 2 is simply not business as usual, and we are simply not going to be able to supply enough capacity on the buses to guarantee a seat for everyone who needs to travel.​

    Find out more about Metro Timaru services at Level 2 here​.​

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