Changes to Metrocards and Metrostickkis Terms and Conditions

We are making changes to our Terms and Conditions to clarify some of our processes and make them easier to understand. The new Terms and Conditions, valid from 1 May 2018, can be found here and our current terms and conditions are available here.

What’s changing?

  1. We are clarifying that Environment Canterbury’s Metro service is outlined in our Regional Public Transport Plan, but there are some commercial bus services which operate independently, therefore metrocards may or may not be accepted on these services. Metrocards use on these services are outside our area of responsibility (are not covered by these Terms and Conditions). 

  2. We are clarifying that any credit can be transferred to a new metrocard card, or can be refunded to you based on proof of identity, and this remains at the discretion of Environment Canterbury.

  3. Metrocards not used for three years will expire and any credit will not be refunded.

  4. We will replace any faulty metrocard or metrostickki free of charge unless there is evidence of abuse of, or tampering with, the card. A replacement fee will be charged for any cards that are lost or stolen.

  5. We will give four weeks’ notice of any intentions to vary the Terms and Conditions.