Metro service review for Timaru, Temuka and Geraldine


Timaru has its say on public transport

Timaru Survey ReviewMore than 1,000 residents of Timaru, Temuka and Geraldine took the time to have their say in Environment Canterbury’s recent public transport survey.

“We had an overwhelming response, giving us up-to-date data to inform future public transport planning in the South Canterbury region,” said Edward Wright, Environment Canterbury manager of public transport strategy, planning & marketing.

“Increasing public transport patronage has many benefits for our region. We will be reviewing the information received from these surveys in greater detail over the coming months,” he said.

It was important to note that no changes to bus routes would be made without community consultation.

“In Timaru, many bus users expressed satisfaction with the current service and infrastructure. Frequency, shelters and coverage were cited as the main areas for improvement,” Mr Wright said.

“A challenge in Timaru and South Canterbury is to make public transport a viable alternative to driving and change people’s perception about buses. Many of those surveyed did not use the bus because it was more convenient to drive.”

In Geraldine, the survey showed demand for a public transport service to and from Timaru. In response, the Geraldine Community Vehicle Trust had already started a new weekly scheduled service each Tuesday. Click here for more information.

By the numbers:

• 85% of bus users found the stops pleasant, practical and accessible

• 72.8% of bus users travelled on Timaru Link

• 57% of bus users travelled on the bus at least a few times a week