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Using your Metrocard
What if I lose my Metrocard
Can I still use cash to pay for my bus fare?
Can more than one person use one card?
How do I Iook after my Metrocard
How do I top up my Metrocard without a credit card?
Do I need an online account for my Metrocard?
Terms & Conditions for Metrocard
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Using your Metrocard

Tell the driver the destination you want to travel to and place your Metrocard on the card reader. The scanner will read your card and deduct the fare,  your new balance will then be displayed on the screen. When the balance is below $5, the machine lights-up yellow reminding you to top-up. If you have insufficient credit for the fare you can top-up your Metrocard as you board the bus, online, or at a Metro agent.

Where can I use Metrocard?

You can use Metrocard on all Metro services including:

MyWay by Metro service
Timaru Link
Timaru School Service

What if you lose your Metrocard?

Metrocard is safe and secure. Each card has its own unique number that is registered to you, so that if you report your card as lost or stolen it can be blocked and any remaining money can be transferred to a new card.  To report your card lost or stolen call us on 6 88 55 44 or you can block your card yourself if you have an online account. A replacement card will cost you $5. Any remaining credit can be transferred from the old card to the new card. You can get one from the Te Ana Ngai Tahu Rock Art Centre, 2 George St, Timaru.

Can I still use cash to pay for my fare?

You can still pay cash fares on Metro bus services. For MyWay services, you can only use Metrocard or the MyWay app to pay.

Adult cash fares will be $2.50 per trip with only one transfer within two hours. Metrocard gives better value since it costs $1.65 per trip and you get unlimited transfers for two hours instead of just one transfer (*Travel within Timaru City zone).  Read more about Metrocard discounts.

Find out more about fares and costs.

More than one person on one card

You can take other people on your card, but you will be charged a full cash fare ($2.40 Adult, $1.40 Child fare), so it is cheaper for each person to have a card. This cash fare will provide only one free transfer within 2 hours.

Looking after your Metrocard

The Metrocard like other electronic cards has a magnetic strip that runs around the edges of the card. This strip when placed on the card reader is then read by the machine and your fare is deducted. If the magnetic strip is damaged the card will no longer work. If your card is deemed faulty after a month of holding it you will be charged a card replacement fee of $10.00.

To maintain the life of your card we recommend you avoid;
Bending or flexing your card
Punching holes in your card
Snapping your card
Flicking your card against objects
Dropping your card on a surface or the ground
Cutting your card
Peeling plastic from your card

How do I top up my Metrocard without a credit card?

You can top up without a credit card by visiting the Te Ana Ngai Tahu Rock Art Centre or on the vehicle with cash. Find out more information about topping up face to face.

Do I need an online account for my Metrocard?

You don't need an online account to have a Metrocard, however setting up an online account allows you to easily check your balance and top up online.

Set up an online account here

What are the terms and conditions for using a Metrocard?

Read the terms and conditions (132kB)

Still have a question?

If you have any other questions about Metrocards call our friendly staff on 6 88 55 44​​​​​​​​​