QR codes

QR Code

Metro have placed QR Codes on most bus stops along the Timaru Link route as another way to give you specific information on when the next bus is arriving at the bus stop you are standing at. 


How to use QR Codes

 Scan QR code
Step 1: Scan QR code
 Open web page 
Step 2: Open web page
 Bus times display 
Step 3: Bus times display

In more detail 

  • Load a QR code reader app onto your android smart phone or I- phone. Code readers are available free at most Andriod app stores and the I-phone app store.
  • Open your code reader and take a photo of the code
  • You will get a prompt to open a web page. 
  • Open it – then you’ll see when the next bus will arrive at your bus stop
  • Save the webpage address to your phone favourites then you will have access to the real time information for that bus stop anytime and anywhere.
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