67 Rolleston & Burnham to Upper Riccarton Schools

Red Bus  

Red Bus Ltd run these services, you can contact them on 379 4260. These services run Monday - Friday in term time and do not operate on public holidays. Times listed in timetables are approximate only.

These routes will start for the 2020 school year on Tuesday 28th January.

Fare Zones

Zone 2 = between the schools and Rolleston or Burnham, Zone 1 = between the schools and Dawsons Rd (just south of Templeton).

671 Burnham to Upper Riccarton View map Print timetable and map

Morning Trip Mon - Fri
Burdons Rd (Burnham) 7.30am
Freyburg St (Burnham) 7.35am
Kidman St (Rolleston)** 7.50am
Kirk Rd (Templeton) 8.00am
St Bernadette’s 8.10am
Hornby High School 8.15am
St Thomas’ 8.22am
Our Lady of Victories 8.25am
Afternoon Trip Mon - Fri
Riccarton High School 3.15pm
Our Lady of Victories 3.17pm
St Thomas’ 3.20pm
St Bernadette’s 3.30pm
Kirk Rd (Templeton) 3.40pm
Kidman St (Rolleston)** 3.55pm
Godley Rd (Burnham) 4.15pm

** Routes 671 and 672 connect in the mornings at Kidman St. 

Students travelling from Hornby High School can take the Yellow Line service from the Hornby Hub to travel home.

672 Rolleston to Upper Riccarton View map Print timetable and map​

Morning Trip Mon - Fri
Faringdon Centre (Faringdon Blvd) 7.33am
East Maddisons Rd (Rolleston) 7.38am
Kidman St (Rolleston)** 7.50am
Riccarton High School 8.15am
Villa Maria College 8.20am
Kirkwood Intermediate 8.30am
Afternoon Trip M/T/Th/F Wed only
Villa Maria College 3.25pm 2.40pm
Riccarton High School 3.27pm 2.42pm
Kidman St (Rolleston)** 3.50pm 3.05pm
East Maddisons Rd (Rolleston) 4.05pm 3.20pm
Faringdon Centre    (Lansdowne Way) 4.09pm 3.24pm

** Routes 671 and 672 connect in the mornings at Kidman St.

Kirkwood Intermediate students can use the Yellow Line service from Riccarton Rd in afternoons to travel home.


Shirley Boys High map Shirley Boys High map ​​​​