75 Halswell to Hillmorton High School

Red Bus  

Red Bus Ltd run this service, you can contact them on 379 4260. This service runs Monday - Friday during school term and does not run on Public Holidays. This services will begin for the 2019 school year on Monday 4 February.

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Morning Trip Monday-Friday
Halswell School (School Road) 8.00am
Dunbars Rd / McMahon Dr 8.10am
Hillmorton High School        (Halswell Road) 8.25am
Afternoon Trip M / T /  Th /  F Wed only
Hillmorton High School        (Halswell Road) 3.10pm 2.45pm
Dunbars Rd / McMahon Drive 3.18pm 2.53pm
Halswell School (School Road) 3.35pm 3.10pm

75 Halswell to Hillmorton High School