School services Q and A

Can I use a school bus even if I am not a pupil at the school it goes to?

Usually you can, but please ring Metroinfo on (03) 366 8855 so the bus company can be informed that a student from a different school may use the service and where they need to get off. (Metro and/or the service operator reserve the right not to carry students from different schools if it causes undue disruption to the service.)

Can I use a school bus if I am not a school student?

No, these services are for school students only.

Where do I catch the bus from going to school?

At any bus stop along the route. Students should signal the driver as the bus approaches. There are no express zones on school routes (e.g. the buses from the Waimakariri District will stop to pick up passengers along Papanui Rd/ Main North Rd if they are signalled).

Where will the bus let me off coming home from school?

You can get off at any bus stops along the route. There are no express zones on school routes.

What if there is no bus stops within a reasonable walking distance of my house?

Please call Metroinfo on (03) 366 8855 who will put you in touch with the service operator to discuss waiting location options.

Can I use my Metrocard/Cando card?

Yes, you can use these cards or pay by cash. Normal Metro fares apply to these services.

How will I tell if the bus is a school bus?

It will have a yellow and black “School” sign on the front and back, and the destination screen (above the front windscreen) will show the number of the service that is on the timetable. However students should feel free to signal any service that approaches and check with the driver if they are unsure.

Who operates the school bus services?

Route 77 Halswell to Upper Riccarton schools and route 79 St Bede's, Papanui High and Burnside High are operated by Ritchies Ltd. All other school services are operated by Red Bus Ltd.

How do I make a complaint/compliment/give feedback about a school service?

Please fill out the form here​​, or ring Metroinfo on (03) 366 8855.

Where can I get information about detours due to roadworks?

Information will be posted on the individual school service timetables, or you can call Metroinfo on (03) 366 8855.

Why doesn't my school have a school bus service?

Metro provides school buses for around two dozen schools in Christchurch. Rather than being provided as an alternative to the urban routes, the school services are provided to supplement the urban bus network in areas where it has been identified that  public bus routes are being overwhelmed by demand from school students at the beginning and end of school hours.