Use your Metrocard with Locky Docks

Published 9/12/2020

Locky Docks are free, secure locking stations for bikes, e-bikes and scooters, and can be accessed with your Metrocard.

New to Christchurch, there are now 10 Locky Docks around the CBD. Easy to spot with their reinforced hot-pink arms, they have CCTV cameras and built in alarms, making them a very safe place to park your beloved steed around town. Even better, they are absolutely free to use.

Simply tap your Metrocard to lock and unlock. Any bike, e-bike or scooter will fit. There is no fee to use a Locky Dock so nothing will be charged to your Metrocard. None of your personal information registered to your Metrocard will be shared when you use a Locky Dock.

Alternatively, you can use the Bikekeep app, available from If you need any assistance, call the Locky Dock hotline on 0800 115 599.

Head to the Locky Docks website to learn more, including frequently asked questions about using your Metrocard with them.

Locky Dock

There are 10, free to use, Locky Docks around the city.