87 Southbridge - Lincoln

This trial service is for residents to commute to Lincoln from Southbridge, Leeston, Doyleston, Irwell and Springston. This service connects in Lincoln with two buses, route 80 and route 81, to the City. 

Trial update:  The new service, linking to the Lincoln buses, has been changed as a result of consultation with the community. We are happy to confirm that the 87 bus service, now Southbridge to Lincoln, will continue operating after funding was confirmed as part of Environment Canterbury’s Annual Plan 2020/21.  The service will continue until June 2022 at this stage. 

If you have any questions, please contact Metroinfo on 03 366 88 55 or at metro@ecan.govt.nz.

This service operates Monday - Friday including school holidays. It does not operate on weekends or public holidays. Fares are now zone fares which includes free transfers for two hours after boarding the bus. Please check the fare zones relevant to this service, see guide below.

 Download printable timetable and map


Monday - Friday

To Lincoln AM
Southbridge 6.43am
Leeston 6.51am
Doyleston 7.00am
Irwell 7.07am
Springston 7.15am
Lincoln University 7.20am
To Southbridge PM PM
Lincoln University 4.11pm 6.08pm
Springston 4.16pm 6.13pm
Irwell 4.24pm 6.21pm
Doyleston 4.29pm 6.26pm
Leeston 4.35pm 6.32pm
Southbridge 4.43pm 6.40pm


Route maps and pick-up/drop-off locations

Bus stops for this service are marked on the maps below, if you and are unable to access the advertised stops to board this service please stand in a safe roadside location along the route, within the townships listed, and signal the driver.

Fare zones

This service crosses one fare zone. Note that if you transfer onto the 80 or 81 bus at the Lincoln University you will cross another zone. Please check below to see which fare will apply to you.

Travel zones What you pay
Between Southbridge and Irwell zone 1 fare
Between Southbridge and Springston zone 2 fare
Between Southbridge and Lincoln zone 2 fare
Between Southbridge and City with transfer zone 3 fare
Between Springston and Lincoln  zone 1 fare

Transferring on Metro services

If you are travelling within zone 1 (Christchurch city) and are transferring on to the 87 (Southbridge/Lincoln), ask the driver at the start of your journey on your zone 1 bus to charge you the zone 3 fare. This is so you don’t get charged for two trips (a zone 1 fare on the first bus and then, once you hop onto the other bus, a zone 3 fare). If starting in Christchurch city on the 80 (Lincoln/Parklands) or the 81 (Lincoln/City direct) and transferring on to the 87 (Southbridge/Lincoln), ask the driver at the start of your journey on your zone 1 bus to charge you the zone 3 fare.

When paying by cash you will receive one free transfer within two hours. When paying by Metrocard you will receive unlimited free transfers within two hours.

Zone Adult Child
Fare type Metrocard Cash Metrocard Cash
Zone 1 $2.65 $4.20 $1.50 $2.40
Zone 2 $3.85 $5.70 $2.15 $3.20
Zone 3 $4.70 $6.70 $2.60 $3.70


Need a Metrocard?
There are a number of Metro agents throughout Christchurch and at the Selwyn District Council, see a full list of agents here.