Total Mobility cardholders

Man in wheelchair boarding Metro bus

Travel cheaper with a Total Mobility cardholders.

Cheaper public transport for Total Mobility cardholders and your companions

The Total Mobility scheme assists eligible people to access appropriate transport to meet your daily needs and enhance your community participation. The scheme is funded in partnership by local and central government in New Zealand.

As well as heavily subsidised door-to-door trips, your Total Mobility card gives you discounted public transport fares, so that you can choose a transport option that suits you and your trip.

Door-to-door taxi trips - 75% off

Find out more about the Total Mobility programme.

Metro bus services - 50% off

As well as the door-to-door taxi subsidy mentioned above, Total Mobility customers are also eligible for the Total Mobility Metro concession for public transport travel.

Metro has a range of fare concessions available for travel in greater Christchurch. All concessions are the same discount and you can only use one concession.

If you have a Community Services Card, or are under 25 years of age, you can travel on Metro buses for $1, and the Diamond Harbour Ferry for $2.

Learn how to register for these concessions, and more.

Your Total Mobility Card also provides you the concession $1 fares on all Metro buses, and a companion can travel with you for free.

To receive this concession, you must match your Total Mobility Card to your Metrocard. To do this, either call Metroinfo on 03 366 88 55 or call into the Metro Info Counter at the Bus Interchange on Tuam St. This may take up to five days to process.

On the bus

To receive the Total Mobility concession just tap your Metrocard when you board. With the concession loaded on your Metrocard the concession fare of $1, on the bus, will automatically be deducted.

Daily and weekly fare caps will apply for your Metrocard.

Total Mobility companion fare

If you need a companion, they can travel for free with you onboard Metro services when you show your Total Mobility card. Just let your driver know that the person is travelling as your companion and they'll do the rest - you don't need to tap your Metrocard a second time.


Our buses are designed to be accessible for people with impairments, access challenges or limited mobility, with priority seating areas near the front of the bus. All buses also have:

  • Super-low floors and the ability to kneel to meet the kerb. Please ask the driver if you need the bus to kneel
  • Ramps fitted to allow easy access for most mobility device users. The driver will manually fold these out.

Find out more about accessible travel.