Developer resources

We support innovation in Canterbury and encourage developers to use our public data to create apps, online tools and widgets.

This section provides an overview of the data feeds that are available for Metro's public transport network in order to assist developers to understand what information is available for integration into your own applications.

New real-time information system APIs coming

Metro is currently in the process of introducing a new real-time information system across all public transport in Canterbury. This new system, which will be live in the second half of 2021 will offer some exciting new opportunities for developers to create transport applications using a new set of APIs, based on industry standards.

As the current data feeds will be replaced we recommend that developers do not develop any new applications using the current data feeds. Information about these feeds has been removed from

The exact specification of the new real-time information system APIs has yet to be confirmed, but it is intended that the following industry-standard data feeds will be available through a new Metro API platform.

Download our General Transit Feed Specification Static data file

Our General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) Static data file will continue to be supported and is available to download from This file is regularly updated to reflect changes to the Metro network and timetables, we recommend that applications refresh their data by downloading the latest version regularly, daily if possible.

Find out more about GTFS Static data and how to read, access and use the data in the GTFS file at Google Transit APIs > Static Transit.

Use of this data must adhere to our terms of use below.

Terms of use

We reserve the right to discontinue the publication of the data feeds and/or to modify the URL of the data feeds without notice. We will not be liable for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the service.

Your application must not use any Metro branding – this is because when people see our branding (or anything similar) they assume it’s ours. Ensure you get the credit when deserved and make sure that your design does not have any of our branding, logos or trading names and doesn’t include the word ‘official’.

If you need further assistance please email