A lower price for Metrocards

Published 30/06/2020

Metrocard being used on a bus

The price of a Metrocard will be $5, down from $10, from Wednesday 1 July.

Up until 1 July, you can still pick up a free Metrocard (while stocks last). Environment Canterbury Transport portfolio lead Councillor Phil Clearwater said that as part of the Covid-19 response, Metrocards have been free for the month of June, to help encourage continued contactless payments.

"We are happy to have confirmed funding through our 2020/21 Annual Plan process to be able to bring the price of a Metrocard down permanently to $5, after the free offer comes to an end," said Councillor Clearwater.

"Paying with a Metrocard gets you access to cheaper fares - at least 25% lower than cash fares - along with other benefits."

"Lowering the cost of Metrocards will in turn help make cheaper public transport accessible to more of our community."

Benefits of using a Metrocard

  • Fares are at least 25% less with a Metrocard.
  • Capped daily and weekly fares.
  • Once your card has been registered, your credit amount is secure if your card is subsequently lost or stolen. Register your card online.
  • Online management of your card, including top-ups via credit/debit card, or a new account-to-account option for those who don't have or don't want to use a credit card.

If you're in Timaru

  • Metrocards and the MyWay by Metro app provide access to cheaper fares.
  • On the Timaru Link, fares are at least 25% less with a Metrocard.
  • Payments on MyWay by Metro are via the app or by Metrocard only – no cash is carried on the vehicles.

How to get a Metrocard

Metrocards are available at the Metroinfo counter at the Christchurch Bus Interchange, our 19 participating agencies across Greater Christchurch, the Timaru Information Centre, and now, you can order a Metrocard online.