Route Updates

Detour for Manchester St road works (from 20/02/2024 until further notice)

From Tuesday 20th February there will be road works on Manchester St that will require the Route 92 service to detour from its usual route until further notice.

Buses travelling northbound towards Kaiapoi will follow the normal route to Manchester St before turning right on to Salisbury St and left on to Madras St to resume the normal route. 

Buses travelling southbound towards the City will follow the normal route to Cranford St before turning left on to Warrington St, right on to Barbadoes St, right on to Bealey Ave and left on to Manchester St to resume the normal route. 

No stops will be impacted during this detour. View the detour maps for southbound or northbound trips. 

92 Kaiapoi - City direct

This Monday - Friday service has been designed to get you from Kaiapoi to the city centre and hospital as quickly as possible in the mornings and back home in the afternoons. The service uses the quickest route, including the T2 lanes on the Christchurch Northern Motorway. The route travelled between Kaiapoi and the city may vary depending on traffic conditions. Hop aboard at either of Kaiapoi's Park & Ride locations.

This service picks up and drops off at two Park & Ride locations in Kaiapoi and four locations in the city and does not stop anywhere else. Please see the maps below for exact pick-up and drop-off locations.

This service operates Monday to Friday, it does not operate on weekends, public holidays, or during the Christmas/NY period when the network runs to weekend timetables.

Download printable timetable and map (PDF file, 3.3MB)

Monday - Friday

To City AM
Kaiapoi Central Park and Ride 6.40 7.10 7.40 8.10
Kaiapoi Southern Park and Ride 6.45 7.15 7.45 8.15
Bus Interchange 7.15 7.45 8.15 8.45
Christchurch Hospital 7.20 7.50 8.20 8.50
To Kaiapoi PM
Christchurch Hospital (outpatients side) 3.45 4.15 4.45 5.15 5.45
Bus Interchange (Platform D) 3.50 4.20 4.50 5.20 5.50
Kaiapoi Southern Park and Ride 4.25 4.55 5.25 5.55 6.25
Kaiapoi Central Park and Ride 4.30 5.00 5.30 6.00 6.30


Kaiapoi - City direct stops

Stops map for 92 Kaiapoi - City direct

Kaiapoi Park & Ride locations

Park & Ride locations map for 92 Kaiapoi - City direct

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