Timetable changes

Updates to Metro’s bus timetables were introduced in three stages between September 2020 and February 2021.

Latest timetable changes

On Monday 15 February, some Metro timetables changed in the third and final changes for the 2020/2021 period. Depending on your route, your timetable may be updated, and the name of your route may be different.

Updated timetables are available below. You can forward plan your trip on our Journey Planner.

15 February changes

No. Route and changes Timetable
5 The Yellow Line became 5 Rolleston – New Brighton
Some timetable changes.
See timetable
 7 The Orange Line became 7 Halswell - Queenspark
Some timetable changes.
See timetable
 60 Hillmorton - Southshore
Some timetable changes.
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 80 Lincoln - Parklands
Some timetable changes. 
The express trips now run as a separate direct service called 81 Lincoln - City direct, with its own timetable.
See timetable
 81 Lincoln - City direct
This direct service was previously part of the 80 Lincoln - Parklands.
It now has its own timetable and will operate two return trips per day.
Some changes to central city drop off and pick-up locations.
See timetable
130 Hei Hei - Avonhead
Some timetable changes. 
See timetable
820 Lincoln – Burnham via Rolleston
A change to extend the route to cover Faringdon and Acland Park, plus an updated timetable.
Changes as consulted with the local community in 2019.
See timetable

All of these services will continue to be operated by Go Bus.

Why the changes?

Updates to Metro’s bus timetables were introduced in three stages between September 2020 and February 2021. The changes were phased to help reduce the impact on our passengers.

We needed to make changes for a variety of reasons, including to implement the outcome of community consultations, to make operator changes, to ensure we are compliant with employment legislation changes, and in some cases, to reflect the usage of services.

What changes were previously made?

The first stage of changes happened in September 2020 and included all schedule and route changes that resulted from the Waimakariri service review, along with some adjustments to the 125 Redwood – Westlake timetable.

The second stage of changes happened in November 2020 as part of the implementation of our new public transport operating contracts, to ensure compliance with changes to the Employment Relations Act, and in response to usage levels. Adjustments were made to the following routes:

We also introduced new direct commuter services from Waimakariri to central Christchurch, following the opening of the Christchurch Northern Corridor.

The 91 Rangiora – City direct and 92 Kaiapoi – City direct bus services, introduced in January 2021, are supported by Park & Ride facilities in both Kaiapoi and Rangiora. Alongside Waimakariri District Council, we consulted with the local community on the buses and Park & Ride facilities in late 2019.

Routes 86 Darfield – City, 87 Southbridge – City, and 155 Eastgate – Lyttelton, and the Orbiter did not have any timetable changes.

Why does my bus look different?

All services across the Metro network have started a transition to the new teal livery, meaning passengers on the routes listed above, and others, may see some changes in bus colour.

Checking the destination screen on the bus is the best way to confirm it’s your service.