Taking the bus is a conscientious and cost-effective way to get around town.

You can travel on any Metro bus across Christchurch, Selwyn and Waimakariri for $2 or less with your Metrocard. These new fares reduce and simplify our existing fares. Concessions are available for youths aged 13-24 years, Community Service card holders, tertiary students and Total Mobility card holders.

Metrocard fares for Greater Christchurch

New fares effective from 1 May 2024. Please note changes to Child fares (5-12 years).

Fare type Bus Ferry
Standard fare $2.00 $4.00
Concession fares Youth aged 13-24 years $1.00 $2.00
Community Services Card
Tertiary Student Metrocard
Total Mobility card
Children aged 5-12 years
Children under 5 years FREE

Accessing the Metrocard concessions

Travel concessions are available with a Metrocard for the following groups. Some concessions require pre-registration. Click on the links to find out more.

The free travel period for SuperGold cardholders remains (from 9am weekdays and all weekend).

Under 5 year-olds travel for free.

Some customers will have the option to choose between multiple concessions. Customers under 25 do not need to apply for other concessions, as your age-related fare will be applied automatically through the date of birth associated with your Metrocard.

Extra discounts for Metrocard holders

With a Metrocard in hand, you'll get:

  • Cheaper fares
  • Access to free transfers within 2 hours
  • Daily and weekly deals for unlimited travel
  • The ability to manage your balance online and utilise auto top-ups

Find out more about travel savings with Metrocard and where to get a Metrocard.

Paying for a friend?

You can use your Metrocard to pay for others. However, Metrocard concessions only apply to you. The full fare, equivalent to the cash fares for an adult or child, will be deducted from your Metrocard account.

Encourage your friend to get their own Metrocard to receive all the benefits of cheaper travel.

Cash fares

The following prices apply when paying by cash. Your driver may request ID when requesting the child cash fare.

Travel Standard cash fare Child cash fare
(5-18 years)
Bus $4 $2
Ferry $6 $4

Free transfers

When you pay by cash, you are entitled to one free transfer using your ticket receipt. You can use your transfer on any Metro bus service within the transfer period. The free transfer ticket does not include the Diamond Harbour Ferry.

When using a Metrocard you are entitled to unlimited transfers within two hours. If you travel on the Diamond Harbour Ferry service, you get unlimited transfers within 2 hours on any bus or ferry service.

More info on transferring between the bus and ferry.

Metro gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are available in multiples of $10 at the Metro Info Counter at the Bus Interchange and can be used to purchase a Metrocard, or redeemed as Metrocard credit at any Metro agent.