Children aged under 13 years

mother with two young children boarding a bus

Free travel for children aged 5-12 with their Metrocard.

Free travel for 5-12 year-olds 

Exciting news for parents and kids!  

Starting from Monday 14th August, children aged 5-12 travel FREE on all Metro services when using their Metrocard.

Kids under 5 continue to travel free (no Metrocard required for the wee ones).

Remember your Metrocard!  

To enjoy these great fares, every child needs to use their own Metrocard.

Here's what you need to know: 

Always carry your Metrocard: For free travel, it's essential that if you’re aged 5-12, you have your Metrocard with you every time you travel. The government's concession is exclusively available for Metrocard holders (children’s cash fares cost $2). 

Travelling with friends or family? Everyone aged five and above needs their own Metrocard to receive the fantastic new fares. Cash prices of $2 for a child and $4 for an adult apply on the bus otherwise so if you're paying for others with your Metrocard, make sure your Metrocard has sufficient credit.

Watch your balance: All Metrocard’s must have a balance of $0.00 or higher for boarding, so please ensure that you maintain the balance on the card even when the fare is free. You can still easily top up online or on the bus.

If you are looking to reduce your child's Metrocard balance to $0.00, you can contact us to either transfer the balance to another member of your family's Metrocard or request a refund. We recommend the transfer as the simplest and quickest option. Refunds can take significant time to process. We will be confirming the simplest way to claim a refund in the coming weeks, for those who wish to do so.

If your child is nearing age 13, or you think the Metrocard may be used to pay for others, we strongly recommend keeping the credit on their card.

Tap and save: Your concession will be automatically applied when you tap your Metrocard, using the date of birth registered to the card. Enjoy the benefits without any additional effort!

What if I am also eligible for the Community Services Card concession?

Some customers will have the option to choose between multiple concessions. Customers under 25 do not need to apply for other concessions, as your age-related fare will be applied automatically through the date of birth associated with your Metrocard.