Benefits of having a Metrocard

Save with a Metrocard

A Metrocard is always the best way to pay. With a Metrocard in hand, you'll get:

  • The cheapest fares available (as cash fares cost more)
  • Access to unlimited free transfers within 2 hours
  • Daily and weekly deals for unlimited travel
  • The ability to manage your balance online and utilise auto top-ups

Find out where to get a Metrocard.

Metrocard fares and caps

On 1 July 2023 we launched a cost reduction of the weekly maximum fare. Now customers will never pay more than $16 for unlimited travel on the Metro bus network in a single week when paying with a Metrocard. And no more than $8 for unlimited bus travel for the week for children and concession holders using a Metrocard. Weekly maximum fares for the ferry also got cheaper.

Awesome news for our frequent Metrocard customers and parents, who now pay less for weekly travel! One more reason to choose the bus more often.

   Single fare Daily maximum fare Weekly maximum fare
Fare type Standard Concession Standard Concession Standard Concession
Bus $2 $1 $4 $2 $16 $8
Ferry $4 $2 $8 $4 $32 $16

Accessing the Metrocard concessions

Travel concessions are available with a Metrocard for the following groups. Some concessions require pre-registration. Click on the links to find out more.

The free travel period for SuperGold cardholders remains (from 9am weekdays and all weekend).

See the full fare structure here, including cost comparisons between cash and Metrocard.

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