Code of conduct

As a Metro customer, you can help us provide an excellent public transport experience by:

  • Being respectful to fellow passengers, your driver and the Metro team
  • Respecting public transport vehicles and facilities, helping us keep them clean, tidy and in good condition
  • Letting us know when things need attending to. We want to hear from you so we can address any issues and keep making public transport better

You are responsible for:

  • Respecting other peoples' rights
  • Paying the correct fare
  • Following signage within the bus and any reasonable instructions from Metro staff
  • Taking any rubbish with you

This means that you will not:

  • Harass or interfere with the comfort or safety of other people on the bus
  • Threaten or bully other people on the bus
  • Swear or use offensive language
  • Eat, drink alcohol, smoke or vape on the bus
  • Tag, graffiti or damage the bus in any way

You can:

  • Bring a drink on the bus with a secure lid
  • Bring food that is contained in a secure package
  • Listen to music with your headphones on

If you have any feedback, please contact us on 03 366 8855 or Video surveillance is in use on buses and ferries at all times, and all complaints are investigated.

Thank you for doing your bit to make every ride a positive one.

Please check to see our commitments to you.