Using your Metrocard

You can use your Metrocard on all Metro services including the Diamond Harbour Ferry. To make card management and protection easy, register your card online.

How to use your Metrocard

Checking your balance and topping up

You can check your balance:

We recommend topping up online:

If you have an online account, you can top up your Metrocard at any time. We highly recommend this as it saves you and others time when boarding, and means you don’t have to carry cash with you.

Please note: Online pending top-ups are generally available within one hour, however in some cases there can be delays in forwarding the data. If this occurs, your top-up could take up to 12 hours to appear on your card. Once your card is placed on a card reader (on a bus, ferry or at a Metro agent) the pending status will be removed and the funds added to your card.

You also have the option to set an automatic top-up for your Metrocard to make sure you never run out of credit. This means a top-up gets triggered automatically when the credit on your Metrocard drops under a certain amount.

Create an online account here.

Topping up in person:

You can top up with the driver on the bus using cash only, at the Metro Info Counter at the Bus Interchange or at a Metro agent using cash or eftpos. We recommend double checking on your top-up receipt that the amount loaded on your card is correct.

Using your Metrocard on the bus

Tell the driver the destination that you want to travel to and place your Metrocard on the card reader. It will deduct the fare and your new balance will then be displayed on the screen.

When the balance is below $5, the scanner displays a yellow light reminding you to top-up.