Lost Metrocard

Person looking for lost Metrocard

Lost your Metrocard? Here's what you need to do.

Each Metrocard has its own unique number that, once registered, is unique to your account. Registering your Metrocard means:

  • You can keep your Metro account safe and secure.
  • You can order replacement Metrocards online.
  • You can block lost Metrocards online.
  • We can transfer credit from lost Metrocards, to replacement ones.

Blocking your lost Metrocard

If you have an online account, you can login and block your lost Metrocard. If you do not have an online account, just call 03 366 88 55 and we will block your card for you.

Replacement cards

A replacement card will cost you $5.

You can order a replacement card by:

  • Logging into your online account if you have previously registered. You need to order a replacement card before blocking the lost one.
  • Going to the Metroinfo counter at the Bus Interchange, corner Lichfield St and Colombo St. Open 8am to 5:30pm Monday - Friday, and 9am - 5pm on weekends (view map). Remember to bring ID with you.

Other Metro agents cannot issue replacement cards or transfer balances.

Transferring credit

If your Metrocard was registered with us, we can transfer any remaining credit from your old card onto the new one. Just give us a call on 03 366 88 55 or email Metro@ecan.govt.nz

Lost and found

If you have lost or left an item or Metrocard on the bus or ferry, please contact the operator of the service you were on.