Metrocard terms and conditions

General Metrocard terms

The Metrocard and Metrostickki remain the property of Environment Canterbury. A Metrostickki is defined as a Stickki label which attaches to a mobile phone or other physical devices by way of self-adhesive and performs the same function as a Metrocard.

The use of Metrocard and Metrostickkis is governed by the terms and conditions determined by Environment Canterbury.

The Metrocard and Metrostickki are available for use on all participating Christchurch and Timaru Metro bus services, except the Timaru to Temuka service. Participating Christchurch and Timaru Metro bus services are those services outlined in Environment Canterbury’s Regional Public Transport Plan.

Environment Canterbury is not responsible for any operators of services outside of the Metro network that refuses to honour Metrocard. While standard Metro fares apply on all participating services, customers should be aware that additional fares may be charged on the Metrocard or Metrostickki for services that are not operated under the Metro network. Environment Canterbury is not responsible for the quality of service provided as a consequence of the use of the Metrocard or Metrostickki, or liable for any losses thereby incurred.

Environment Canterbury together with any participating bus and ferry operators is authorised to debit bus and ferry service fees and charges to Metrocard or Metrostickki.

The available credit on Metrocard or Metrostickki is not transferable and is non-refundable except at the discretion of Environment Canterbury. We will transfer any available credit or refund it to you provided that we are reasonably satisfied that the person to whom the refund or transfer is to be made is the rightful holder of the card.  No interest will be paid to the cardholder for any funds on a Metrocard.

Environment Canterbury has the right to cancel a Metrocard or Metrostickki without notice or to confiscate or temporarily suspend any Metrocard or Metrostickki if:

  • we suspect it is being misused;
  • or we suspect the cardholder has damaged or defaced any bus, bus stop or equipment;
  • following the introduction of a new card system when an old (defunct) card is presented for travel;
  • where a card is lost; or stolen
  • otherwise on request from the NZ Police or as required by law.

If the Metrocard or Metrostikki is cancelled, confiscated or temporarily suspended in these circumstances, then any remaining available credit will be non-refundable, except at the discretion of Environment Canterbury.

If a Metrocard or Metrostickki is not used for three or more years the card will expire and the balance remaining will not be refunded, but during the validity period of the Metrocard or Metrostickki we will transfer any available credit, provided that that we are reasonably satisfied that the person to whom the transfer is to be made is the rightful holder of the card. “Use” is defined as the purchase of a trip on a bus or ferry within the Greater Christchurch Metro network.

When a new Metrocard or Metrostickki is issued it must be loaded with a minimum value of $10.

Environment Canterbury has the right to vary the Terms and Conditions in respect of the use of the Metrocard or Metrostickki at any time but we will give you not less than four weeks’ notice of any change through the Metroinfo website, posters in buses and terminals and other means of communication with you.


All personal information relating to cardholders will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 2020 (Act) and these terms.  Except to the extent allowed by the Act and these terms, personal information will not be passed on to any third party without the cardholder’s consent.

Environment Canterbury may collect the following personal information from cardholders:

  • Name, phone number, email address, physical address, postal address;
  • Data in relation to the cardholder’s use of Environment Canterbury’s services;
  • Payment and travel information; and
  • Any communication with Environment Canterbury either directly, via phone or email.

Environment Canterbury may use personal information collected about cardholders:

  • To verify their identity.
  • In connection with the provision (or potential provision) of services to cardholders.
  • To communicate with cardholders in relation to those services.
  • To co-operate with government, industry, legislative or regulatory authorities.  This includes, for the avoidance of doubt, the provision of information to the Police; and to the Ministry of Health or the Canterbury District Health Board for the purposes of contact tracing when required to do so.
  • To protect and/or enforce Environment Canterbury’s legal rights and interests, including defending any claim.

For any other purpose authorised by cardholders and/or the Act.

Customer rights/obligations

Metrocards and Metrostickkis must be validated for every trip taken on a participating bus or ferry service by presenting the card to the on board card-reader device. The cardholder must show their Metrocard, Metrostickki, and/or boarding ticket, upon demand by an operator or driver. Failure to do so may mean that an operator charges the cardholder another fare.

Any cardholder who wishes to use a child concession must carry a Cando card, driver’s license or approved “Metro” identification (ID) with them that records their eligibility for the reduced fare. This ID must be shown to the driver when boarding the service or on demand. Failure to carry or display appropriate ID may result in a full adult fare being charged. If the cardholder is applying for a child concessionary Metrocard or Metrostickki proof of Date of Birth is required.

Any passenger using a Metrocard or Metrostickki for a child’s concession fare is expected to offer their seat to a full fare paying passenger if all the other seats on the vehicle are occupied. This is a condition of access to cheaper child fares.

The cardholder is responsible for providing registration details either via the online website or completing a registration form when applying for their Metrocard or Metrostickki. Registration is required to allow the balance of a lost or stolen Metrocard or Metrostickki to be transferred to a new card.

If a registered Metrocard or Metrostickki is lost or stolen it is the responsibility of the cardholder to inform Environment Canterbury. Environment Canterbury will cancel any registered cards reported lost or stolen. Cancellation will take effect the next business day following notification of the lost or stolen card. A new Metrocard or Metrostickki can be obtained, subject to the cardholder paying the card issuing fee and the value remaining on the lost or stolen card or stickki label after the date of notification may be transferred to the new card or stickki. Inappropriately registered or unregistered Metrocards or Metrostickkis cannot be cancelled and the value remaining on a lost or stolen Metrocard or Metrostickki will not be refunded or transferred to a new card or stickki.

The cardholder is responsible for the care of their Metrocard or Metrostickki.

Should a Metrocard or Metrostickki fail to operate; the driver will retain the card and issue a receipt to the passenger. This receipt will be valid for the remainder of that business day and will allow the passenger to use Metro services for that day only. It is the passenger’s responsibility to contact Metroinfo at the Bus Interchange to arrange for a new card to be issued and any funds transferred from the malfunctioning card or stickki to the new card or stickki. Where a replacement card or stickki has not been obtained the passenger will be charged full cash fares after the expiry of the receipt.

Environment Canterbury will replace any Metrocard or Metrostickki that is faulty unless there is evidence of abuse of, or tampering with the card or stickki.

Before presenting a Metrocard or Metrostickki, cardholders need to specify the full zonal distance they require on the first leg of their journey (first trip), if they want to benefit from the free transfers when travelling beyond Zone 1.

On presentation of your Metrocard or Metrostickki, the fare will be automatically deducted. No paper receipts or tickets will be issued for fares purchased with a Metrocard or Metrostickki, unless you are on your last available ride.

Environment Canterbury has the right to deduct funds from a Metrocard or Metrostickki if an incorrect fare has been charged or a fee has been avoided.

A Metrocard or Metrostickki is not transferable and Metrocard or Metrostickki discounted fares are restricted to the cardholder.

Code of conduct

To make sure every bus trip is a good one, we ask you to live by some simple rules.

Video camera in use

Video surveillance is in use on buses and ferries at all times. If you deface or damage a bus or ferry you could face up to 3 months imprisonment, a fine of up to $2000 and be trespassed.