COVID-19 Service updates

Published 28/02/2021

Public transport at Alert Levels 1 and 2: Face coverings are mandatory

Canterbury moved to Alert Level 1 at 6am on Sunday 7 March. 

Face coverings are required

During both Alert Level 1 and Alert Level 2 the Government requires the use of face coverings on all public transport, except for dedicated school buses.

These can be disposable masks, reusable ones, or even something you made at home. There are some exemptions – see the Unite Against COVID-19 website for more detail.   

Register your MetroCard  

Metrocard is preferred for payment, as it is contactless. It is strongly recommended that you set up an online account with up to date contact details to help with contact tracing. This also means you can top-up online and receive direct updates from Metro. 

Scan the QR code  

To help things go smoothly, please scan the NZ COVID Tracer app using the QR code nearest your seat.

If you are unable to scan the QR code, you can call 03 366 8855 to register your travel.  

Boarding and alighting 

You can board through the front door but should alight through the rear door unless you need to use the front door for accessibility reasons.

Thank you for your kindness and patience during these restrictions.  

The team at Metro