Express services to return to normal from Monday 8 May

Published 4/05/2023

From this coming Monday 8 May, the 1X, 5X and 95X express services will return to normal, and revert to not picking up passengers at non-express stops.

While some services were experiencing cancellations, these express buses temporarily picked up and dropped off passengers at stops that would usually be bypassed. Express bus customers can now go back to enjoying the shorter travel times, while non-express customers along these routes can feel confident that a regular service is not far away.

If you are unsure if this impacts you, we recommend checking our timetables page.

We recognise that this period of disruptions has been stressful for some customers, and we want to thank those affected for their patience and understanding during this time.

Network disruptions due to the driver shortage have been reducing in recent weeks. Our Metroinfo counter team at the Interchange has also extended its operating hours. The final step to reinstating service levels is to bring back the Orbiter's 10-minute frequency. Timeframes for this will be announced once confirmed.