81 Lincoln - City direct

This service is designed to get passengers from Lincoln and Prebbleton to the city as quickly as possible in the mornings and back home in the afternoons. The route may vary depending on traffic conditions. 

The route services the stops between Lincoln and Prebbleton as well as four locations in the city and does not stop anywhere else. Please see the maps below for pick-up and drop-off locations. 

This service operates Monday to Friday, it does not operate on weekends, public holidays or during the Christmas/NY period when the network runs to weekend timetables.

Download printable timetable and map

Monday – Friday

To City AM
Lincoln University 7.05 7.15 7.25
Prebbleton 7.22 7.32 7.42
Christchurch Hospital 7.48 7.58 8.08
Bus Interchange 7.51 8.01 8.11
Ara Institute 7.56 8.06 8.16
To Lincoln PM
Ara Institute 4.12 4.42 5.12
Bus Interchange 4.20 4.50 5.20
Christchurch Hospital 4.27 4.57 5.27
Prebbleton 4.47 5.17 5.47
Lincoln University 5.03 5.33 6.03

Lincoln/Prebbleton stops 

City stops