86 Darfield - City

Route 86 operates as an express service to the city from Darfield, Kirwee and West Melton. The morning trip does not pick-up passengers after Russley Rd (drop-offs only) and the afternoon trip does not drop-off passengers before Russley Rd (pick-ups only).

This service operates Monday - Friday, it does not operate on weekends, public holidays, or during the Christmas/NY period when the network runs to weekend timetables.

Download large format timetable and map (PDF file, 355KB)

To City AM
Darfield 7.00am
Kirwee 7.10am
West Melton 7.20am
Westfield Riccarton 8.00am
Bus Interchange (Platform A) 8.12am
Manchester St Superstop 8.15am
To Darfield PM
Manchester St Superstop 4.37pm
Bus Interchange (Platform C) 4.40pm
Westfield Riccarton 4.55pm
West Melton 5.25pm
Kirwee 5.35pm
Darfield 5.45pm

Route maps and pick-up/drop-off locations

Bus stops for this service are marked on the following maps. If you are unable to access the advertised stops to board this service, please stand in a safe roadside location along the route, within the townships listed, and signal the driver.

Darfield route map for 86 Darfield - City: Darfield School at northwestern end of Ross St; Darfield township bus shelter on the northern side of South Terrace Rd (between Ross St to the west, and Mathias to the east).

Kirwee and West Melton route map for 86 Darfield - City: Kirwee on the northern side of the road near (but east of) the intersection of Courtneay Rd and Tramway Rd; Kirwee Tavern on the southwestren corner of Courtenay Rd and Tramway Rd;  West Melton School on the western side of the road, south of Preston Downs Reserve (also on the western side of the road); Hallket Rd (corner of Rossington Dr) on the northern side of the road.

This service drops-off in the mornings and picks-up in the afternoons at any bus stop along the route between Russley Rd and Manchester St Superstop. View the city route map (PDF file, 355 KB).