79 Marian College, St Bede's, Papanui High & Burnside High

This service runs Monday - Friday in term time and does not operate on public holidays. ​Times listed in timetables are approximate only.

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791 Parklands to St Bede's, Papanui High School & Burnside High School

Morning trip Mon only T/W/Th/F
Te Korari St 7.25am 7.05am
Burwood Rd (near Rothesay Rd) 7.28am 7.08am
Burwood Hospital (outside stop) 7.30am 7.10am
St Bede's College 8.08am 7.48am
Papanui High School 8.12am 7.52am
Burnside High School 8.22am 8.03am
Afternoon trip M/T/Th/F Wed only
Burnside High School 2.50pm 2.40pm
Papanui High School 2.58pm 2.48pm
St Bede’s College  3.03pm  2.53pm
Burwood Hospital (outside stop) 3.32pm 3.22pm
Burwood Rd (near Rothesay Rd) 3.34pm 3.24pm
Te Korari St 3.37pm 3.27pm

792 Parklands to Marian College

Morning trip M/T/Th/F Wed
Te Korari St 7.35am 7.55am
Burwood Rd (near Rothesay Rd) 7.38am 7.58am
Burwood Hospital (outside stop) 7.40am 8.00am
Lake Terrace 8.05am 8.25am
Marian College 8.20am 8.40am
Afternoon trip M/T/Th W F
Marian College (Northcote Rd near Lydia St) 3.10pm 2.40pm 2.50pm
Lake Terrace Rd 3.27pm 2.57pm 3.07pm
Burwood Hospital (outside stop) 3.50pm 3.10pm 3.20pm
Burwood Rd (near Rothesay Rd) 3.52pm 3.12pm 3.22pm
Te Korari St 3.55pm 3.15pm 3.25pm

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