72 Waimakariri District to Christchurch Schools

These services run Monday - Friday in term time and do not operate on public holidays. Times listed in the timetables are approximate only.

These services will start on: Monday 29th January 2024.

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721 Rangiora (South) to Christchurch Boys' High School via Papanui Rd

Morning trip Mon – Fri
Rangiora (King St) 6.53am
Southbrook Rd 7.05am
Kaiapoi 7.20am
Belfast 7.35am
Northlands Mall (Platform C) 7.50am
Papanui Rd / Clare Rd 8.00am
Christchurch Girls' High School 8.20am
Christchurch Boys' High School 8.25am
Afternoon trip M/T/Th/F Wed only
Christchurch Boys' High School' 3.25pm 2.40pm
Christchurch Girls' High School 3.35pm 2.50pm
Papanui Rd near Bealey Ave 3.50pm 3.05pm
Northlands Mall (Platform A) 4.00pm 3.15pm
Belfast 4.10pm 3.25pm
Kaiapoi 4.20pm 3.35pm
Southbrook Rd 4.30pm 3.45pm
Rangiora (King St) 4.50pm 4.05pm


722 Rangiora (North) to Marian College via Papanui Rd

Morning trip Mon - Fri
Rangiora (Ashley St) 7.05am
Kippenberger Ave 7.20am
Woodend 7.25am
Kaiapoi 7.40am
Belfast 7.55am
Marian College 8.05am
Northlands Mall (Platform C) 8.10am
Papanui Rd / Clare Rd 8.20am
Afternoon trip M/T/Th/F Wed only
Papanui Rd near Bealey Ave 3.25pm 2.55pm
Northlands Mall (Platform A) 3.35pm 3.05pm
Marian College 3.38pm 3.08pm
Belfast 3.45pm 3.15pm
Kaiapoi 4.00pm 3.30pm
Woodend 4.10pm 3.40pm
Kippenberger Ave 4.15pm 3.45pm
Rangiora (Ashley St) 4.35pm 4.05pm

723 Waikuku and Kaiapoi to St Margaret's College via Papanui Rd

This service has been discontinued for 2024 due to low use and patronage. Students that were using this service are able to use the public route 95 Waikuku and Pegasus/City to travel to and from school. For individual journey plans or help with planning your trip to school please contact Metroinfo via 03 366 88 55 or metro@ecan.govt.nz.

724 Rangiora to Avonside Girls' and Shirley Boys' High Schools

The 724 travels between Waimakariri and Avonside Girls' High School and Shirley Boys' High School and is part of the 66 timetable. If you are travelling between these, please view the #724 school service schedule.

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