Travel savings and zones

Using your Metrocard saves you at least 25% compared to what a cash fare would cost you.

Check out these savings for travelling with a Metrocard around greater Christchurch

Fare Zone Single Fare Daily maximum Weekly maximum
Fare Zone Child Adult Child Adult Child Adult
Zone 1 $1.50 $2.65 $3.00 $5.30 $15.00 $26.50
Zone 2 $2.15 $3.85 $4.30 $7.70 $21.50 $38.50
Zone 3 $2.60 $4.70 $5.20 $9.40 $26.00 $47.00
Ferry (Zone 3) $2.60 $4.70 $5.20 $9.40 $26.00 $47.00


  • When you travel within suburban Christchurch you will only pay Zone 1 fares. Check the zone boundaries map for details. 
  • For a single fare, you receive two hours of unlimited travel in the same zone.
  • For the daily maximum, you receive unlimited travel for one day.
  • When the weekly maximum is used Monday – Friday, you receive weekend travel free within the same zone.
  • Children under-5 years-of-age, accompanied by a fare-paying passenger, can travel free-of-charge.


Transferring between zones

If you travel from the city on a zone 1 service and want to transfer onto a zone 2, 3 or Ferry service, ask the driver of your first bus to charge the zone 2 or 3 fare. That way, you don’t pay the zone 1 fare of the first bus and also the zone 2 or 3 fare. 

For example: Sally lives in Rangiora and studies at Canterbury University. She travels on the Orbiter to Northlands, then hops on the 1 Rangiora/Cashmere to get home. She tells the driver of the Orbiter to charge her a ‘zone 2’ fare. In doing so, she does not get charged the extra $2.65 for using the Orbiter within zone 1 but only the 1 Rangiora/Cashmere fare of $3.85.

  Download Zone boundaries map