Youths aged 13-24 years

Student sitting on the bus

Travel cheaper when you're aged 13-24 years

If you’re 13-24 inclusive and paying with your Metrocard, you’ll pay only $1 to travel on any Metro bus across our Greater Christchurch network. And $2 on the Metro Diamond Harbour Ferry.

From 14 August, children aged 5-12 travel free with their Metrocard. Children under 5 continue to travel free (no Metrocard required for the wee ones). More info on children aged under 13.

How do I get the youth concession for 13-24 year-olds?

When you apply for your Metrocard, you need to show some identification with your name and date of birth on it. It’s that simple – from then on, simply tap your Metrocard to receive your age-related concession while you’re under 25. 

Date of birth not correct on your Metrocard?

If you received your Metrocard through our usual channels, such as the bus interchange, online or at a Metro agency your Metrocard will already have the date of birth you provided. 

Most customers get their Metrocards through the channels above, but if you received a Metrocard in another way, such as through a workplace promotion, you may need to get your card updated to access your age-related concession. To do this, you’ll need to go to the Metroinfo counter at the central city bus interchange with a form of identification, including your date of birth, to get your card set up with your correct age. 

Want to double check your DOB is loaded correctly? Visit the Interchange and speak to one of our friendly team members at the Metroinfo counter. 

What about cash fares? 

Make sure you’ve got your Metrocard every time you travel, because cash fares cost more. In Greater Christchurch, cash fares on the bus will be $2 for people aged 5-18, and $4 for adults 19 years and over. 

Can I use my Cando card instead of getting a Metrocard? 

Yep. Cando cards are used by some high schools in Canterbury and work the same way as Metrocards - offering discounts, fare caps and the ability to top-up online. When paying for your bus fare with a Cando card, you will only have to pay the $1 Metrocard price.

Cando cards are issued by high schools at the beginning of each year. To see if your school uses Cando cards, please contact your school reception. For more information visit the Cando card website. 

What happens to my Metrocard when I turn 25? 

When you turn 25, your card will automatically update to an adult fare, so if you are eligible for another concession, make sure you apply for it then.

What if I am also eligible for the Community Services Card concession?

Some customers will have the option to choose between multiple concessions. Customers under 25 do not need to apply for other concessions, as your age-related fare will be applied automatically through the date of birth associated with your Metrocard.

Proof of age

Any passenger who is eligible for age-related fares (either paying by Metrocard or cash) may be required to provide proof of age identification to the driver. Accepted identification needs to include a photo and state the person’s date of birth – for example, a Cando card, school ID card or a driver licence.  Failure to provide identification to the driver when asked can result in an adult fare being charged.