Better Busing

A series of tips for a better busing experience with Metro

Tip #1: Make the most of your Metrocard

Creating a Metrocard account is quick and easy and gains you a lot of benefits.

Register to check your balance and top up your Metrocard at any time. Sign up for automatic top-ups and never get stuck without credit again.

Once you have registered your Metrocard, it is safe and secure. If you lose your card, it can be blocked, and any leftover money can be transferred to your new card.

Tip #2: Accessible travel

It is our job to make your travel around Christchurch as easy as possible. All of our vehicles have wheelchair ramps and can kneel to meet the curb. Just ask your driver if you require these services.

A wheelchair ramp and low floors make getting onboard easy. They are for everybody – people in wheelchairs, pushchairs, walking aids, or assistance dogs.

Our buses have space up the front for passengers with mobility aids and pushchairs.

Tip #3: Take your bike

Want to save on walking time? Every bus has easy-to-use bike racks, so bring your bike for a faster commute.

The Bus Interchange has a practice rack you can use any time. 

For more information on how to use the bike racks, or general information about bikes on buses, click here.

Tip #4: Real time bus finder

Every bus stop now has a ‘next bus’ QR code. Simply scan the code using your phone camera, and your next bus arrival time is right at your fingertips. Turn up at the right time for your ride, every time, with our accurate, real time journey planning and next bus tools.

Tip #5: Save with your Metrocard

A Metrocard is always the best way to pay:

  • Lowest fares
  • Daily and weekly deals for unlimited travel
  • Free transfers
  • Easy online top-ups

Get your Metrocard online, at the bus interchange or various outlets around the city. You’ll get capped weekly fares and plenty more benefits too.

Tip #6: Stay informed

Follow Metro on social media for the latest info. Be in to win with our regular competitions, and keep up to date with important updates and other news.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Tip #7: Signal your driver

Sometimes several bus routes use the same stop, so please give us a wave as your bus approaches.

This helps the driver know you need their service, and they will pull over to let you on.

Tip #8: Convenient perks

Stay fully charged, while reducing your carbon footprint, thanks to the onboard USB ports on all of our newer buses.