78 Lyttelton Afternoon School Service

The Lyttelton Afternoon School Special is a temporary service planned to run for school days between 6 November 2023 and 12 April 2024. This service is to ensure that students can return home from school in the afternoon and not be adversely impacted by the cruise ship season. The need for this service will be reviewed at the end of 2023 to confirm provision for term 1 in 2024. 

This is only an afternoon service.Starting at Cashmere High School (Rose St) the bus takes a direct route to Opawa Rd stopping near Ensors Rd to then follow the number 8 route to Lyttelton. The service is scheduled to arrive in Lyttelton for transfers on to the 4pm Diamond Harbour ferry and 4.13pm route 8 service to Rāpaki.

Te Aratai students will need to catch the Orbiter, as current practice, and transfer onto this service on Opawa Rd where they currently board the Route 8 bus.

This service will start on: 6 November 2023

781 Cashmere High, Te Aratai to Lyttelton

Afternoon only Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri Weds only
Rose St (stop #22380) 3:20pm 2:45pm
Opawa Rd (stop #32506) 3:30pm 2:55pm
Heathcote Drop off on request at bus stops on route
Norwich Quay 3:55pm 3:20pm